The Process of Grieving and The Ways Being Adopted to Resolve It.

By: Hoskins Brennan

Grief is the response to loss of someone or something that an individual holds dear to him or herself or to which a bond is formed. Although conventionally focused on the emotional response to loss, it may also cover physical, cognitive, behavioral, social and philosophical aspects. It is commonly used interchangeably with bereavement; the two terms hold quite distinct meanings. Bereavement refers to the state of loss whereas grief means the response or reaction to that loss. Human beings face the experience of grief right from their birth. When a baby is born, he faces the shock of moving from one world to another that is from the womb of the mother to the actual physical world. This new world filled with strange new sounds and movements is quite unfamiliar for him thus he feels separated from his actual world from where he belonged to. This whole situation is known as grief.

Although it may seems odd but the overall process of grieving and every step of it is considered natural and healthy for a human. This process only becomes unhealthy or harmful when a person gets stuck in any one process for too long. Although the overall process of grieving is different for every individual but they all share a common goal of accepting the loss and adjusting to the situation. A person focuses on resolving the grief that is. This is normally done in four phases or stages. The first stage is that of shock and denial in which a person initially gets shocked upon realization of the loss. This state of shock is actually a protection for the personís emotional state from getting overwhelmed by the loss. The person isnít willing to accept the current situation and tries to deny the reality. The second stage is that of intense concern in which a person isnít able to take the incident off his mind and keeps thinking about it. After this, comes the stage of despair and depression in which a person gradually starts realizing the reality and tries to cope up with the current situation thus accepting the loss. The last stage comes after this which is the stage of recovery in which a person forgets the pain and the loss and starts moving on with his current life.

Both adults and children can face losses and go through the process of grieving. The common form of losses that adults and children face may include the death of a child or death of a parent. The child can either be a newly born baby and could have died from stillbirth or miscarriage or can be a relatively older child that has died as a result of accident, injury or some other cause. This kind of loss is significant enough that one cannot simply forget it and move on and therefore the only possible solution is to cope up with the situation and live with it.

Children can also face grieves such as loss of an adult or parent or other grieves that arenít related to death such as learning difficulties or being abused physically or mentally. These sort of grieves have a great effect on the lives and future of the child as these may distort a childís personality and skills or may even cause him to go abnormal and insane.

To overcome the adverse effects of grieving process and to help the people recover from the incidents, steps are being taken by many governments and NGOs. These steps include establishing institutions and clinics that can provide counseling to the people that need them. Such clinics are also present in the city of Dubai like in any other part of the world. These Dubai counseling clinics are internationally recognized institutions with professional staff that help the people in the city to overcome their problems and live a balanced and happy life.

Grief is the response to loss faced by someone. This loss may either be something or someone that the person holds dear to himself. The process of grieving is considered as a natural and healthy process and consists of four primary stages through which a person goes during the process of coping up with the loss. Both adults and children may go through the process of grieving as a result of loss suffered by them.

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She has been a doctor and providing assistance with learning difficulties in different Dubai counseling clinics. As well as she is providing grief support to the death of a child or death of a parent also.

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