The Process of Alterations That Took Place in the World of Audio Data Carriers.

By: Catherine Wilson

Years ago the only way of getting new music was to purchase audio cassettes. These portable audio carriers could offer their users only 3 hours of music which was their maximum available capacity. Moreover the element that was actually keeping music on was a magnet tape which was very frail and has to be utilized properly in order not to be broken. The next generation of audio resources is audio CD. Such CDs possessed plenty of positive features of their exploitation on comparing to cassettes. With their help your favorite band's album could be played on a computer or a DVD player. Of course these compact disks had disadvantages, for example audio files that were burned to them had a very big size. These days more and more people prefer audio mp3 files to all the rest available ways of keeping audio files. There are reasons to such a high level of this music format's fame and the most important are simplicity of its exploitation and rather a compact size of the files.

Nowadays if someone wants to get information about the latest tendencies in music industry he or she will most likely turn to YouTube. This website is so popular that it is impossible to mention at least one of its analogues. There are several billions of various videos that were already uploaded to YouTube and thousands of them increasing this number on a daily basis. In order not to violate infringement laws YouTube does not let its users download neither its audio nor video content. Registered users are not allowed to do that either. Basically this can be counted to be the main reason why the majority of the Internet users have to utilize online media stores to purchase the desired audio tracks and videos there. Obviously, purchasing new audio hits in online media stores is the most civilized way to own new audio files.

Getting music online from special media stores obviously has plenty of positive features. The best thing is that users can be sure that no laws are violated by their actions. The next wonderful thing that concerns using online stores is that since all the purchases are made online users don't need to get rid of old and unnecessary audio CDs and don't pollute the environment with the plastic they are made of. Moreover keeping such files is extremely convenient: one flash disk is capable of saving thousands of audio files. Just imagine that those rather bulky boxes with all your old CDs that take several shelves of your wardrobe would be gone and you would have a lot more space in your apartment. You can simply carry full collection of your favorite band's albums and singles in your pocket wherever you go in case all of it was uploaded onto a flash transportable data carrier.

Clearly the whole system of storing and obtaining new music has changed completely. Instead of analogue cassettes with maximum length of 3 hours we can now keep thousands of audio tracks in digital format saved onto a portable flash disk which size can be even smaller that our little fingers.

Keeping music files on flash disks in digital format sure has enough of positive features on comparing to analogue cassettes. For instance, if you want to share a song with your friends who live not in your neighborhood or even live in other country, you may effortlessly send an audio file by means of e-mails and other programs that support transferring function. The person to whom you are sending this file will get it in mere seconds. In case for some reason you need to share information that is stored onto a cassette you will most likely need to send it by post which would definitely take plenty of time. In addition to that songs in digital format could not be damaged unlike recorded sounds that are kept on a magnet tape of cassettes. These tapes are very fragile and the slightest injuries can lead to the breakage of sound or lowering of its quality. Another quite annoying feature of audio cassettes is that the needed recording could be lost since there is a possibility to record new sounds onto the same place of a magnet tape.

Storing audio files on flash disks sure has plenty of advantages. Users are able to keep thousands of songs all together in one place, the quality of such music tracks is extremely high and there is no way these music tracks could be damaged or lost.

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