The Power of Simplicity Get a Simple Website Design

By: Owen Barron

If simple website design is one of the ruling trends of 2013, it is not without reason. Simplicity is powerful and can get you more benefits than a gaudy and complicated website. Simple websites are more visually appealing and have recorded better engagement performance. So, if you are on the verge of building a website, go for simplicity and harness its numerous benefits.

What is a simple website?

People often use the words "simplicity" and "minimalism" interchangeably. They are in fact, two different web design concepts with different appeals and functionalities. In a word, a simple website is not necessarily minimalistic but a minimalistic website is always simple.

When you design a simple website, you essentially remove elements that are not necessary on the page. You need to come up with a layout and design concept, and then audit it in order to remove unnecessary elements. So, a simple website can have numerous elements on the page, but all of them serve a definite purpose. Also, simple websites are never cluttered or overstuffed with content. They contain just the right amount of content necessary to drive your point home.

What are the benefits of a simple website?

The biggest benefit of a simple website is that it is soothing to the eye. This in itself is a step towards effective engagement. Users are motivated to look deeper in the site. According to statistics, users do not spend more than 10 seconds before deciding whether to remain on the page. A simple website makes the most of these 10 seconds and entices visitors to delve deeper.

Technically, a simple website gets you amazing benefits. For one, since it is simple, it loads faster, thereby leading to better user experience. Simple websites are not affected by slow Internet speeds. So, even if your end users do not have a high speed Internet connection, they can access and use your website without delays.

Simple websites offer a better user experience because they make it easy to find the required content. Since they are not cluttered, end users save time when they use the site. If you publish short and crisp content that is entertaining and interesting, you can enhance the engagement value of your website by several notches. Studies have shown that customers find simple websites more appealing.

Monetarily, a simple website offers very attractive incentives. For one, it is cheaper to build. So, you pay lesser to the web developers when compared to a complicated website. Second, since a simple website is not cluttered with a lot of coding, the chances of errors are lower. Testing, debugging and maintenance are more efficient as well as cheaper. Third, simple websites do not take up too much server space. Since the space your website occupies is lower, you pay lesser to your web host. It does not overload bandwidth as well.

If you need to redesign your website, a simple structure makes the task much easier. So, you can afford to take regular feedback from clients and make the required changes.

The power of simplicity is tremendous. Use it and create a robust web presence for yourself.

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