The Power of Light Boxes

By: Allen Solly

Light boxes have the potential to inform and educate people by the use of power advertising, simply because they are placed in the right position to catch our eye when we often make a purchase at retail shops. For example, if an advertisement is placed within a light box and placed in a food retailerís shop window or directly inside to catch your attention, you will tend to look at it and think that the product is just what you feel like having before you even check the menu.
Therefore, people who walk past a particular light box over the weekend or see it after dark will remember it and are more likely to return when they are in need of the product. Compare this advertising method with newspaper advertisements. Newspapers remain closed until a person decides to read the paper during their free-time but after a few days it is very likely to get thrown out with household rubbish, resulting in that advertisement not being noticed.
Snap frames play an important part in the ease and convenience of using a light box too. This feature makes it very easy to open the box and change the graphics inside it whenever you want to. Of course, if the box is positioned outside, you would want to have a lockable back so that vandals cannot open it and destroy the contents.
However, a slim light box positioned indoors may be the best choice as it will take up less room and the general aesthetics are greatly enhanced. It can be placed on the wall without protruding too far so it doesnít become a workplace safety hazard.
A double light box can have two different graphics with one on each side. This can double the advertising use, or you can use the inside section to display a pretty picture if you donít need advertising in the room. Advertising from a light box makes your business look very professional and can be a great asset for return on investment.

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