The Power Of Resistance Bands In Pilates

By: Richard Jones

Have you considered the various equipment pieces required for exercising by Pilates? You will find that lots of questions arise for this very topic about the techniques. This writing will help people who are curious about doing Pilates with a resistance band. As with other exercise routines, there are suggested techniques to adhere to when one utilizes the resistance band during Windsor Pilates programs.

Anyone who is a beginner to Windsor Pilates and the resistance band, it is important to note that typically you do one workout weekly of eight to ten repetitions using each resistance band without any weights every other day to allow your body to rest after each of the sessions.

However, anyone familiar with Pilates and at the intermediate level can use the Pilates' resistance band by the means of a couple patterns of 8 to 12 duplications through the use of light to moderate weight for several sessions weekly allowing a minimum of a day without exercise between routines.

It is required that an advanced people of Pilates execute two or three workout patterns with 8 to 12 repeats with middle to large weights several times during the week while being certain to take a day off between the routines to view results.

All levels of students in Pilates who utilize a resistance band during their exercise routines should always warm up before the routines for several minutes of cardio exercises and a great deal of stretching exercises. Additionally, cooling down the bodies with plenty of additional stretching is important. As with other forms of exercise, students should always follow hydration suggestions of taking in plenty of fresh water. The Pilates resistance band exercises work the best when they are mixed with cardio and aerobic forms of Pilates routines as well.

There are exact movements correlated with operating resistance bands by the means of Pilates exercise patterns. A few of the titles of these groups are Chest Press, Flys, Rear Delt, Arm Push Ups, Lateral Pulls, Overhead Press, Shoulder Rotations, Unilateral Lateral Raise, Tricep Extension, Arm Curl, Squats, Lunges, and Outer Thigh Exercises. Each group via the resistance band among Pilates patterns has precise methods of acting out the exercises, with all of the patterns set out by the Pilates execution of exercise. In fact, you will find that each of the exercises has specific characteristics and even repeating requirements. Read more about pilates exercises at

An example is the Chest Press which is pretty easy, however exact for execution. Set the resistance band below a step or even a ball and lie on your back facing upwards. Grasp the handles firmly in each of your hands. Contract the chest muscles to thrust the arms up and replicate this process for a couple of sets.

Every set of Pilates exercise with the resistance bands require exact execution as mentioned previously. Therefore, individuals desiring to use the resistance band for Pilates exercises, whether brand new to Pilates or expert students should find experienced professionals for instruction and demonstration. Using this basic information will assist in adding the resistance band to virtually any Pilates workout.

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