The Power Of Residential Drug Addiction Treatment

By: Ben Pate

The particulars of residential drug addiction rehabilitation programs vary depending on which center someone chooses. The treatment however is very similar in all locations. This type of rehabilitation requires the patient to live in a facility until they recover from their addiction.

24-Hour Care

These plans help the person who is suffering from an addiction by being there with them twenty-four hours a day to provide care when the client may need it the most. This is the purpose of living at a treatment center as opposed to getting daily help. In this type of environment, the addict is kept away from the daily influences of the world they are used to living in.

Away From Negative Influence

Trying to end the cycle of addiction is extremely hard when a person tries to do it on his or her own. If they are going to stay in the same surroundings, the things that led them to the addiction in the first place will tempt them to do it again. This is why getting into a residential drug rehab program is a good idea as the person will no longer be where the negative influences are.

The Staff

The licensed staff at these centers is there to help the client through the hard times of withdrawal. The staff members are trained to deal with complicated conditions that their patients will suffer and they will be by their side to see them through each one. Residential treatment is the best possible option for a person who is trying give up an addiction.

Individual Plan

Residential drug rehab is a great place for someone who has been addicted for a long time. These centers are said to have more people released from their addiction for life than any other. Every person will be treated for their particular problem and can stay until that is resolved.

Three Phases

There are three stages most centers use in the care of an addict an all three must be met in order for the person to make it through. The first is a primary treatment that will last until a person is drug free and no longer addicted. The second stage teaches him or her how to stay sober, and the third is therapy done on an outpatient basis.

Reveals Weakness

Part of the program has the patient go through drug detox to discover what the root cause of their addiction is. The thought being that once the person can determine this, they can get therapy to deal with the origin of their problem. Other help a person will receive includes how to go back to the world that used to influence their craving.

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In conclusion, what a person is addicted to and how long this addiction has lasted will generally determine the time they need to spend in recovery. Some people may only need one or two weeks to get over their problem and others may need months or a year.

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