The Power Of A Little Exercise

By: Ruff Raun

Trying to find the time to get the exercise you want and need can sometimes be an impossible task for many busy people. But, you'd be surprised how only a tiny amount of calorie burning activity routines a day, is all you need to reap great benefits.

Do you think 30 hours of exercise a month would help? Wow, thats a lot of extra work. "No it's not", since it's only 90 minutes of irrelevant fat burning time a day (5 days a week ). 90 minutes x 5 days = 450 minutes or ( 7.5 hours per week ). 7.5 hours. x 4 weeks = 30 hours.

Activity 1: Why not start your day with some light aerobic activity and read while you run in place instead of sitting. If you average 20 minutes per day to finish, this adds up like this - 20 min. x 7 days = 140 min. x 4 weeks = 560 minutes. This is almost 10 hours per month of fat burning activity while your doing an evey day normal routine.

Even 10 hours of physical activity per month will be of help to get healthy and lose the weight you've been having trouble with. Find some routines you like doing and include them into your day so that by the end of the week you have accumulated enough fat burning hours to make an impact on your weight and health.

To put things into more perspective on the attributes of how adding only one activity can have enormous benefits, what if you had a love handle problem and you applied this routine to your activities.

Another Example: This is a three in one routine for stretching, calve muscles,and love handle reduction. Find a counter or table top about waist high and with one hip facing surface top. With one palm down on surface, arm straight, raise your other arm above you in a C shape (like ballerina ). Simply raise up slowly while bending slightly towards the other palm, then lower yourself down onto your heels and repeat for about ten times (repetitions or reps). Then do the other side. Make sure you do enough sets to counter your body type.

Check out how this can add up. Lets say you only do three sets of ten reps per day. By the end of the month you would have racked up 840 repetitions. And you did it at your leisure. ( 3 sets x 10 reps = 30 reps. x 7 days = 210 reps. x 4 = 840 reps. This many repetitions of any kind of exercise will undoubtedly have noticeable benefits.

Do you see the unbelievable potential of some small consistent effort? Now decide to stick to your diet plan and keep burning more calories than you take in and your are on a sensible health fitness program. Stay steadfast to your new fat burning activities and your diet program and you will not only be losing weight and getting a better shape- but building a healthy lifestyle with more energy and stamina.

Just get moving: One way to ensure you don't slack off from your exercise routines, is to try and choose the type of activities that fit your lifestyle and personality. Do this and not only won't it seem like a chore but something to look forward to. Researchers proclaim that a small half hour walk a few days a week can be beneficial not only for lowering your blood pressure but can also get your hips and waist down to size. Be active and get fit.

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