The Positive Affects Of Hot Tub Aromatherapy Spa

By: Adrian Whittle

If you have a hot tub or spa, you have no doubt used it from time to time to relax after a hard day at work or maybe you make it part of your routine to have a spa bath on a regular basis. You will know how great you feel with the jet streams working on your body. After you get out you feel relaxed and rejuvenated. However you can enhance this sensation by adding aromatherapy spa items into the mix.

There are all sorts of products that you can get for your hot tub or spa to create an aromatherapy spa bath. Generally each item has a theme, like relieve tension or lift depression. It will feature a number of essential oils that are believed to be good for improving this condition. The oils will be in the form of crystals that dissolve in water. They may even be in bath bombs, bicarbonate of soda balls that have essential oils and fragrances added to them. If you have never tried these sorts of products in your hot tub or spa bath before then don't worry about clogging up the jets. The products dissolve into nothing and shouldn't affect the circulation of water.

Many of these aromatherapy spa products also have minerals and body softeners in them so your body will feel suitably indulged.

An aromatherapy spa kit comes with a variety of other products. Many of these items are just a bit of fun. You may even find a rubber duck in the kit if you look around. Other items include a massager, some candles, fragrances and sponges. It seems that the aim of the kit is to not only give you the healing benefits of the essential oils but also to suggest that you pamper yourself and have a laugh. And these emotions, in their own ways, are great ways to help you to relax and heal any problems you may have.

Scents Available For A Hot Tub Aromatherapy Spa

When you buy an aromatherapy spa kit you want to target a problem that you feel you are having. Most people simply go for a relaxing kit as relaxation is a great way to heal or soothe any number of ills. However you can get all sorts of oils that can help different conditions. For instance, if you want to use your hot tub session for reflection, then you will want to use lavender essential oils or a blend of this oil. If you are want to release tension or reduce stress then chamomile or clary sage essential oils work wonders. If you are after rejuvenation then look into things like green tea, ginger or lime. When you want to be enlightened, use some lemon, cypress and juniper berry. You can use peppermint or eucalyptus oils whenever you want to feel revitalized. Of course, this is just a small sample of the scents available. Browse the internet or indulge in some retail therapy and find out all the different essential oils you can get in aromatherapy spa kits.

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