The Popularity of Astrology Throughout the Ages

By: Mon Chichi

Natal Astrology is the form of Astrology that is being popularly practiced nowadays. This is an arm of Astrology that focuses on the individual and seeks to predict certain events based on the star the individual is born under.

The workings of Astrology is affected by the four Earthly elements of wind, Earth, air and fire; all zodiac Stars are grouped under these elements and each determine the compatibility of each sign with the other.

Astrology was used from time to time by ancient doctors or medicine philosophers such as Hippocrates to better understand the personality of their patients; it was not rare for a doctor to have the Astrological profile of a patient charted for medicinal purposes.

Western Astrology uses the solar calendar to draw its deductions where as the Chinese Astrology uses the lunar calendar to make its deductions; both are alike in that their deductions revolve around people and their personalities.
Astrology has become an excellent source of dating; astrologers now match people under various signs according to their compatibility and can produce a match made in Heaven.

The ascendant star or rising star is an Astrological term that refers to the star that was rising up on the Eastern horizon, the second you were born It is said to determine the external characters of a person and is responsible for the face displayed in public.

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