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By: SA Perillo

Hamburgers and Sausages from Scratch! Great tasting burgers are not possible with a good base; ground meat using meat grinder. What you find in supermarkets and grocery stores; ground meat in Styrofoam trays, are hardly fit for a great burger. They are too finely ground, and youíre not really sure whatís in that grind are you? You need something that you can cook medium rare to rare. This is why it is important to invest in a good, fresh cut of meat to grind at home.

Grinding your own meat at home can be very helpful if you are someone who likes to make your own burgers at home. They make everything much easier. For one thing, you can be in control of the kind of meat you put into your burgers. If you want beef burgers, you can easily grind a cut of beef and turn it into a burger. You can also add some variety and make chicken, fish or pork burgers just to experiment. Youíll have so many options that you wonít know where to begin! Itís also great because you get to control the flavor and overall taste of the meat as well. You can put spices, garlic, or any other flavoring as you grind your meat. This is so that it has some base flavors to begin with. This makes it easier for you to come up with a delicious tasting burger.

You have two options when it comes to meat grinders. The first one is the manual kind. It is operated by a crank, which you will have to use. However, these can be very hard to use when you are dealing with very large cuts of meat, or a large quantity. They need to be clamped down to a table. They can be quite bulky and hard to clean. Usually made out of some metal, it can be prone to rust. Generally, most people prefer electric meat grinders because they are faster and more efficient. You donít have to break your arm just to get perfect ground meat. Furthermore, they come with a lot of different attachments. Youíll easily be able to make your own sausages and burgers at home with a few simple attachments. You can get sausage filler attachment, where you simply put the casing over the attachments and it fills it up with ground meat. Make sure that you season and flavor the meat beforehand so that it tastes unique.

Kitchen Aid is still one of the best names when it comes to meat grinding. You can simply attach a meat grinder attachment to go with your Kitchen Aid stand mixer and youíre good to go. This can process both cooked and raw meat, and even vegetables. It can even grind hard cheeses like Parmesan. If you have a stand mixer, I highly suggest this accessory. Youíll have all the meat grinding capabilities you need in one simple machine. You also wonít have to spend as much looking for the perfect Kitchen Aid meat grinder because this one attaches right to the mixer.

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