The Organic key to what may be detrimental to your child's wellbeing

By: John Mc Aleese

A recent scientific research has revealed how organic toys can be healthy, economical and beneficial to parents and their under-aged children at large. What however seems to be the most fresh focus of these researches are the infiltrations of adulterated or counterfeit organically manufactured toys which are found in most toy stores?
You can get the {best eco-friendly and healthy educative baby toys simply by checking the labels and reading the compositions of such toys. You cannot but marvel at the speed at which kids are being admitted in hospitals in the last decade due to serious complications from non organic toys. Chemical poisoning as well as lead-metal contamination of the blood stream of these kids have been the major discoveries in most hospitals treating these children, therefore. A good parent should not toil with the future of his or her kids-make sure you go for organic toys
Cheap and over-coated baby toys have been found to be the most damaging form of toddler toys found in the market today. Such toys are made from mass-production activities. The cheapest and most commonly used baby toys are bottles made from Poly-Carbonate materials which are regarded as cheap strong and shatter-proof synthetic materials which also contain Bisphenol chemicals a chemical that has been linked to estrogen hormone activity.
Bisphenol materials are released into infant bottles especially when such bottles are placed in a microwave oven or when the infants mother pours hot water in them. These chemicals are easily swallowed by babies.
Some synthetic toys and non-teething toddler toys also come with Phthalates which are also quite dangerous to underage children and babies. Other common advanced chemicals found in several baby toys include chemical compounds such as Sodium Lauryl -Sulphate (SLS), Methylparaben, and Propylene Glycol Stearate, among others. Some toys are particularly harmful to children because they are not effectively coated and such chemical coats may peel off and when kids put such toys in their mouth, they can easily swallow them
Organically designed toys have come to stay especially with the incessant complaints about metal and chemical coated toys which have become more like silent killers on babies who ardor to play with their toys all-day long. We have also come to realize that parents who ardor their children will do anything to get them the safest toys they can find.
The categories of organic toys found in the market these days include 0 months to 1 year olds, 1-3year olds, 3-5 year olds and toys for older kids. Toys meant for children of these mentioned categories clearly agree with the United States safety rules and regulations as regards each of the categories.
For additional information on Organic toys or the toys that could be damaging your infants health go to If you dont want your child to remain mentally derailed or suffer from future medical complications, go for organic toys today.
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