The One Thing You Want to Understand regarding Team Motivation

By: Bert Lowery

Let me ask you a simple question. Does one, as a manager
, want a highly motivated team who dont take day without work work, who achieve their goals and objectives, and dont stress you out in the method?
Im sure the solution is - Yes! But, youre little question asking how youre supposed to realize this miracle.

The one thing you wish to understand concerning team motivation is that - theres no such thing! Okay, so the football manager motivates the team by getting them along at [*fr1]-time and explaining how theyre about to lose the sport unless they begin to play a heap better. (This, after all, is that the polite version)

But, the only way to build a highly motivated team is to focus on individual motivation and create an surroundings where the individual motivates them self.
Every member of your team is a advanced and difficult human being and all of them have completely different needs. Your job, as a Motivational Manager, is to find out what these needs are, and satisfy them.

There are three actions you can take

1. Pay some quality time with each team member - One or 2 minutes of quality time on an everyday basis is way a lot of productive than an appraisal once a year. You wish to induce to grasp the individual better and they need to urge to grasp you. Youll gain a abundant higher understanding of them and the way theyre handling the job. It will additionally send the message that you just care concerning them and show that youre there to help with issues, both personal and business.

2. Offer feedback and coach them - You would like to frequently tell each of your team members when theyre doing well and when not therefore well.
This is where so several employers and managers dip in addressing their folks; they are hopeless at giving feedback! Many managers are uncomfortable telling workers how they feel concerning their work performance. Some managers still believe - "Why should I praise folks when they're only doing what they are paid to try to to!"
But, most workers need to know how they are performing in their job; they wish to know if they are doing it right or how they could do it better.
If you really need to encourage your team members then you need to catch them doing something right and tell them regarding it. If, on the opposite hand, you hear or observe them doing something youre not happy about, then you wish to tell them what desires improved and coach them.
Its important to inform the team member when theyre not performing. There are too several managers who either ignore poor behaviour or come down on the person sort of a ton of bricks. There are specific ways that to give feedback and coach and theyre described very well in my book - The way to be a Motivational Manager.

3. Be a believer - You wish to constantly demonstrate to the team member that you simply trust and believe in them, by what you say, your tone of voice and your body language.
They can terribly quickly sense if you don't trust them to hold out their job and they will act accordingly.
If you suspect that your folks are to not be trusted to try to to their job; that theyll turn up late and go home early, then that's specifically what they're going to do.
On the other hand, if you think that your individuals will do their job well, that they can be trusted to create choices that are smart for the business which they will give you a fair day's work, then it is a lot of possible this can be what you'll get.
Like all theories, there is no guarantee that this will work each time. However the bulk of individuals during this world are affordable people; if you treat them as such they are additional doubtless to behave in a very positive manner.

So there you've got it; Motivational Managers apprehend that to induce the most effective out of their individuals they need to focus on the human interactions and build that emotional affiliation with every individual team member.

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