The Numerous Benefits Of Cork Flooring

By: Vikram Kuamr

Homes will change and so will the way they look but the basic needs stay the same. Any material that is used in the construction has to be durable and any material that is visible should look good as well. The walls and the flooring in your house are two things that can make a world of a difference to the ambience of your home. This is probably because they both cover such large areas. Right through the ages, several materials have been used to clad the floors. Ceramic tile, stone, wood and of course, cork. The latter is widely used in homes across the country and adds beauty and warmth to interior spaces.

Benefits galore

At the end of the day, when it comes to flooring there are some basic things people look for. Let’s see exactly what benefits cork has:

• Softness and comfort- Cork has a cellular structure. Air gets trapped in this structure and lends it the property of shock-absorbency. It is excellent for spaces such as a kitchen where you have to stand a lot. It provides your back and legs much-needed comfort.
• Beauty- Cork is naturally beautiful and very few other natural materials can rival it on this front. It is available in a variety of colors and in tile-form which can be laid in different patterns.
• Noise reduction- The very same cellular structure that adds “bounce” to cork flooring also helps in vibration and noise-reduction. Unlike hard materials such as tiles, vinyl or wood, cork reduces the impact of noise and makes the area quieter. It muffles sounds like footsteps and also articles being dropped on the floor.
• Healthy and safe- The natural properties of cork make it anti-allergenic and insect-resistant. Suberin, the naturally-occurring substance in cork repels mites, insects and mold. This protects the cork from rot even in spaces that are exposed to water and moisture like a bathroom or kitchen. In addition to this, Suberin also has fire-resistant properties. The coating that is used to seal off cork flooring makes it safe and healthy for adults, babies and pets.
• Durability- Many people associate cork with crumbling but very few know that cork that is used as flooring material is highly durable. It has been used in numerous public buildings such as libraries and churches since the early 19th century. This is way before it was even considered as a material for residential applications.

Apart from all these very evident benefits, laying cork flooring is not a very time consuming affair. It cannot be said that cork is a very inexpensive flooring option but its durability more than compensates for the expense. It is also an environment friendly material and is extracted from the Cork Oak. The tree itself never comes to harm and the cork industry is a very controlled one. When you make take a decision of replacing the floor, consider getting a cork floor and add beauty and comfort to your home. After all, flooring is not something you replace every now and then, do you?

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