The New Face of Futons

By: Dolly Willms

For years, futon religiously served solutions to the bedding problem of millions of Americans. It was a standard feature of apartments of young people who decided to be on their own or were students. However, they remained as makeshift, not very presentable couch in the daytime and unwelcoming, not too comfortable bed at night. They never stood for what we call quality. Though, they loyally served the purpose of people who could not afford to pay for a new bed. Futon was uncomfortable but affordable option.

However, things have changed. Now, the futon has an entirely new look. It comes with some innovative design features and product improvements that add to the décor of the house. Now homeowners include futons in the home rather than discard them to the basement or a seedy guest room in the back of the house.

In truth, the new futon (just as with the old futon—at least in theory) is actually a sofa bed. Designed to be a decorative yet functional couch for people to sit upon during the day, the futon is also a tasteful yet fully functional bed by night.

The new futons come with better back support. It is as good, if not better than the most expensive conventional mattresses. This superior back support of the new futons has significantly transformed the image of the futon. It is now considered much more than just a temporary solution to the bed situation.

One of the most frequent complaints about the old futon design was about their mattresses. These mattresses were made of single layer of cotton that easily became condensed thus, they went flat after being used and offered little support. However, the new futons have multi-layered mattresses with at least one layer of solid foam. These mattresses have the property of bouncing back so they offer more support making the futon more comfortable. Though it is a subtle change yet it has been highly appreciated by the people in support of new futon image.

In addition to the mattress upgrade, the new futons are made out of solid frames that make it easy to convert the couch into the bed and back again. The best futons are made out of solid oak frames while some of the lower end models have steel frames. While the oak frames are more appealing to people with a traditional décor, the steel frames are still well made and do not detract from the appearance of the futon.

The versatility of the futon cover is another great feature of the new futons. Any time you feel like changing the décor in a room, you don't need to worry about the futon. Simply find a new cover that matches the new design scheme and put it on over the futon. It is much less expensive the upholstery or replacing the futon plus it makes the unit more versatile so it can be used in more locations.

The futon has indeed made a comeback. Thanks to design improvements, the new futon is more adaptable to the interior designs of modern homeowners. And by addressing quality issues, the new futons have shed their earlier image of being little more than a cheap, inexpensive, bed. If you have not seen the new futons, you do not know the decorating possibilities you are missing—not to mention missing out on all that restful sleep!

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