The Most Useful Network Marketing Tip You Will Ever Get

By: Marius Ystenes

If you are looking for network marketing tips by researching the Internet, I want to explain to you what you should be looking for when researching these matters.

You see, you should know the reasons why people are writing network marketing tips and putting them on the Internet, so that you can have the foundation in place to evaluate the content you are reading in the right way.

People are mainly putting content out on the Internet with one main goal in sight, and that is to find more people to join them in their primary business opportunity. This point is pretty obvious and marketing online is an extremely effective way of finding new distributors for your organization.

There are several different approaches to take when marketing your network marketing business online, and there are some ways that differ greatly in effectivity from the rest.

Method 1: Being Negative About The Competition
Most network marketing tips are writting the the form of company overviews and product reviews that belongs to other companies that the one the author is in herself. Often, this content is written with the goal of bashing the subject that is written about, so that the reader will choose whatever the author is promoting instead.

In my opinion this is not the best way to do it and being negative about someone or something only comes back to bite you in the end. Call it karma if you want.

Method 2: Raving About Your Own Company
When researching online about various companies, products, services or leaders within the network marketing industry, you will find a lot of content that is just utterly positive about the subject at hand and too often people make it sound too good to be true. Which it also usually is. This is a very common marketing strategy, and when you see sentences like "thousands of dollars are going to flow into your bank account tirelessly" or "our magic black box will do all the work for you" you should educate yourself so you know the motive behind this. There is no such thing as a free lunch, not even on the Internet, and the motive here is just to get you to spend your money with whoever is writing this.

These tactics will never disappear, though, since people by nature are always on the search for that "magic bullett" that is going to earn them alot of money without them having to work for it, so there will alway be a lot of people falling for this. This is also the reason why so many people are feeling tricked, because they believe in statements that can never be delivered on.

If you're out there marketing yourself, my urge to you reading this is to stay as far away from these tactics as possible - it's a terrible way to build your business.

At the end, there is in fact only one real way of building and marketing your business online, and this is to...

Method 3: Write Tips That Are Really Useful To The One Reading It
When studying the ones that are really BIG in this industry, you will easily see that this is exactly the method they are using themselves to build empires.

Something you might not have though about before is the fact that when people are searching for answers online, they are not looking to be pitched by another business opportunity. They are probably in one already and are looking for ways to be successful in it, and if by chance they are in fact open to join a new opportunity, it will be very ineffective to just pitch your business anyway, since what people are really looking for is the right kind of leader that can take them by the hand and lead them to the place they want to reach in their life. And no negative review or an article which "hypes" up your own company can ever accomplish that.

It can only be done by showing people the value you can provide to them by offering real, valuable content the reader actually finds helpful in their business.

This way you demonstrate to prospects that you are in fact the person they are looking for; that you stand out from the crowd and provide real value, instead of just trying to pitch your business on them. Exactly like the big names in the industry are doing by creating generic trainings, books and speaking engagements.

Once you master how to do this the right way, you will have prospects calling you up in the middle of the night, begging you to work with them.

So to sum it up, the most valuable network marketing tip I can give you is to share your knowledge and give away your best tips as often as you can and through as many channels as you can.

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