The Most Infamous Computer Hackers Ever!

By: Owen Barron

When does truth and fiction collide? Are there really people out there that are smart enough to fool multimillion dollar industries? Apparently even government and royal computer systems have been hacked; don't even mention the various space travel organizations that have fallen foul to hackers. But surely all of this is confined to the movies, isn't it? Have a read of this guide to the best hackers of all time, and find out what happened to them!

What Is A Hacker?

Put simply, a hacker is someone who uses a computer to gain entry into another computer via a network. He is an expert at finding and using the weaknesses in the other computer's security system.

Why Do They Hack?

Usually a hacker will be a thief looking for ways to relieve the victim of their money. Other motives include grudge hacking, information hacking and occasionally they just hack a system for their own entertainment.

Jonathan James

He was known as 'c0mrade' amongst his internet cronies, and was one of the youngest hackers ever to gain infamy. At the age of fifteen, James was convicted for hacking into many multinational companies including Bell Telecom, NASA and the U.S. Department of Defense. His hacking managed to steal assets worth One million and seven hundred thousand dollars. James also stole enough code from NASA to discover how to operate the entire space station. Sadly he committed suicide in two thousand and eight; a tragic waste of a genius life.

Kevin Mitnick

Kevin Mitnick was once considered 'the most wanted computer criminal in U.S. history'. He was originally jailed for hacking into Digital Equipment Corporation's network. After serving his sentence, he disappeared and hacked like a madman for over two years. He specialized in stealing state legislated secrets and leaking them onto the internet. Eventually he was re-reprimanded and spent a further five years behind bars. After his release, Mitnick swapped sides and now owns his own computer security company ironic really!

Albert Gonzalez

In just over two years, Gonzalez managed to amass over one hundred and seventy million credit and debit card numbers. He led the famous hacker gang known as ShadowCrew. They would steal the credit card details and sell them on the internet for a big profit. He also stole birth certificate details, passport details and health insurance cards. Eventually Gonzalez was brought to justice and is serving twenty years behind bars for his sins.

Kevin Poulsen

Known as 'Dark Dante', Poulsen was an expert at hacking into telecommunication systems. He used these skills to fix himself as a winning caller with a radio station; the prize was a brand new Porsche! After being jailed for hacking into the FBI's computer systems; Poulsen did his time quietly. On release he turned over a new leaf and is now working as an editor for a computer security magazine.

Hacking Is A Mugs Game!

It may seem like a glamorous way to escape your mundane life, but be aware that all of the above and many more always got caught in the end!

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