The Methods of Quit Smoking

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We all know that it is difficult to quit smoking, but it is not said that we canít quit, if you make your mind to quit it, and have some good ways, of course you can do it. Now let me introduce you some ways to quit smoking.

1、Elimination of tension
Is stressful work situation the main cause of your smoking? If so, then take away all smoking paraphernalia around you, change the work environment and work procedures. In the workplace, put some sugar-free chewing gum, fruits, juices and mineral water, do a few short breaks, do some sports outdoor, only a few minutes on the line will be fine.

2、Weight problems
Most of time, your weight will significantly increased after quitting smoking, general increase of five to eight pounds, Smokers quit smoking will reduce the body's basic metabolic rate, and will eat more food instead of smoking, Therefore, smokersí weight will increase a few kilograms in a short time after quitting smoking. However, exercise can be strengthened to deal with the body weight gain; because of the increased amount of exercise can speed up metabolism. It is best to eat fat-free snack foods.

3、Strengthen the awareness of quitting smoking
Make your goal clearly to change the working environment and the old habit of smoking-related, smokers will take the initiative to think of the determination to donít smoke. You must have this awareness, your taste and smell will get better after a few days of quitting.

4、Find alternatives
One of the main tasks is tempted to find alternative in the case of smoke after quitting, such as doing some skill games, to make your hands busy, by brushing the oral cavity did not want to produce a smoke taste or diverting attention by exciting conversation.

Some past smokers had good experience to quit smoking through betting, one of the effects of quitting smoking in public, and securing the support of friends and colleagues.

6、Less to the party
When you are tempted to quit smoking avoid attraction. If a friend invites you to a very good party, and the people are smoking at the party, at beginning you should refuse to participate in such party politely, till you have no smoking feeling.

7、Throw away the smoking paraphernalia
Ashtray, lighters and cigarettes are all stimulus for smokers, all of them should be thrown away.

8、Divert attention
Especially in the early cessation, spending more money in some of the activities what will be fun, to transfer the attention of smoking, do not spend time in front of the TV at night as usual.

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