The Many Complexities of the Female Libido

By: Marri miller

Female libido-a subject that has intrigued many, including females, who have failed to understand their own bodies. Why do most women suffer from low libido is a question that remains unanswered.

As a matter of fact, female libido is governed by many a things. It is not like male libido, that is largely dependant on the male hormone is secreted by the reproductive glands. This does not however mean that the female libido has nothing to do with estrogen, the primary female hormone. For the smooth functioning of the female reproductive system, adequate estrogen secretion is a must. However female libido is also governed by testosterone that is produced in female glands, when sexually active. This was just a clinical explanation of the female libido phenomenon.

For women it is not such a simple thing. Female libido is as much of a mental phenomenon as it is physical. Warmth, stability, intimacy and comfort level are some psychological factors that drive the female libido up to a large extent. Loss of intimacy and strained relationships often lead to loss of female libido. It is in such cases that women lose the most pleasurable experiences of their life.

The biological cycle of women is also more complex than men. Pregnancy and menopause are such times, when the fluctuating hormonal levels do not let women enjoy a normal sexual desire. Female libido also goes for a toss when a woman is stressed out. In today’s busy lives, women are so fatigued that the idea of hitting the sack does not come to them easily.

In recent times, science has done some breakthrough researches in enhancing the female libido. Female libido enhancers are easily available over any drugstore counter, but these are not altogether free from side effects. The pills or creams that have instant effect are mostly hormone shots with many ill effects on women’s reproductive health in future. Most natural female libido enhancers are herbal nutrients or plant hormones. These are however not very rapid in their action. One has to wait and watch with great deal of patience.

It is often seen that many women do not take low female libido seriously. They take it in their stride and begin to feel that it is perfectly normal. Women need to be more aware and open to this, and should be able to talk to their doctors openly.
But, developing warm, loving relationships is of course the best way to enhance female libido. Feeling wanted is a great incentive for women to get sexually pleasured by their partners.

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