The Many Benefits Of High Speed Internet Access

By: Ray La Foy

Whether it's for business use or personal use, the benefits of high speed internet access are many. Making the decision to go broad band can be tough though, especially when monthly package prices are considered. Once the initial sticker shock wears off, the benefits of high speed should be examined along with the actual costs.

The reliability of the connection is what appeals to businesses the most, but there are other business advantages to high speed. They include:

* Ability to be online all the time. By not requiring a telephone connection to go online, computers that are hooked up on high speed can stay online the entire time they're on. This gives employees instant access to incoming e-mail and enables a lot of other functions quickly.

* Doesn't require dedicated phone lines or use of the main phone line. This is a big one for business and comes into play when looking at actual costs. There's no need to buy a second or third phone line when high speed access is used. For those who use their main telephone line for their Internet access as well, this expense can be justified simply by thinking of all the business calls that might be missed while the phone is in use.

* The speed factor. It's a simple fact valuable time is wasted when dial up services are used. High speed connections can enable employees to download files, programs and more in a fraction of the time it takes with dial up. This means they'll be working on something else quicker and more efficiently.

* Online meeting usage. While online meetings are possible on dial up, the connection might not always be great. If telecommuting to meetings at different company locations or with clients is a desired Internet use, high speed is the only way to go. Dropped connections can cost you business, which absolutely doesn't compute for the bottom line.

And while businesses are going more and more with high speed access, private users are doing so for a number of reasons as well. The package may cost more in one lump sum, but if the factors are broken out, high speed is generally cheaper or at the least the same price. Think of it this way, high speed enables a private computer user to get rid of a second phone line and an access account. The access and the account are included in the price.

For home users, high speed offers the following benefits:

* Ability to download photographs and files faster. This is great for those who use the Internet to keep in contact with friends and family.

* More reliable connection for online chats. This also comes in handy for using the Internet to stay in touch with friends and family. The fear of dropped connections almost disappears with high speed.

* Doesn't tie up the main phone line.

* Online gaming. There simply isn't a connection better for those who like to game. Everything moves faster with high speed access.

Broad band Internet access isn't a "fad," it's the way business gets done and it can help private computer owners better enjoy their online experiences as well. By speeding up the process and freeing up phone lines, broad band has proven itself more than useful.

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