The Magic of Coonawarra Red Wine Rose and Champagne Rose

By: Stephen John

The tasting notes for red wine rose and champagne rose appear the same. The subtle differences depend on the grape varieties used to create them and the winemaking techniques applied. But, the magic of rose wine isn't just about taste, texture, and aroma. It's also about the experience of enjoying a glass of rose on a hot day. All these come from the famous Coonawarra vineyards that yield Cabernet Sauvignon grapes with unique characteristics.

Coonawarra's Terra Rossa and Maritime Climate

Terra rossa, which is Italian for red soil, is composed of limestone broken down into clay. The iron oxide in the soil causes it to turn red to orange in color. This type of soil is common in the Coonawarra region of Australia. The soil in combination with the sea breeze coming in from the ocean and contributing to a maritime climate over the area makes this region a very fertile land to grow Cabernet Sauvignon among other grape varieties for winemaking.

During summer when the Mediterranean weather is at peak, the cool breeze from the ocean around 60 kilometers away cools down the vines and extend the ripening period of the grapes. This produces a complex character in the grapes which create a rich and flavorful red wine. When making red wine rose, it creates the same rich berry flavor with high acidity and floral notes.

Cabernet Sauvignon and Red Wine Rose

'Tis no wonder then that Coonawarra became the center of winemaking in Australia. This is where famous winemakers like Penfolds Winery have established their vineyards and winemaking facilities. Though Penfolds wines don't include rose in their stills, the brand continue to produce the best Cabs in Australia, and perhaps, in the whole world. However, well known names in winemaking like Peter Lehmann have produced excellent rose wine from cabernet sauvignon grapes.

Rose wine, as you may know now, not only consists of still wine, but also sparkling wine reminiscent of the Wine Market Champagne Rose. Famous names like Moet and Chandon known around the world for their champagnes have produced beautiful bubblies in rose wine by injection carbon dioxide into still wine. They're mostly un-oaked, which makes them fresh and crisp as a mountain breeze blowing from the iced caps of the North.

Tasting Notes for Champagne Rose and Red Wine from Coonawarra

The character of Cabernet Sauvignon always brings with it the flavors of cherries, blackberries, strawberries, and plums. The aroma consists of dark notes like chocolate and grilled meat mixed with a hint of violets or some other flower. The texture is soft and smooth like pudding. Sometimes, a delicate Rose carries a whiff of rose petals, too, and some blood orange.

Rose wines made from cabernet sauvignon grapes have been described as round and fleshy. Meanwhile, Grenache grapes turned into rose distinctively have more vigor because of the high alcohol content, which reaches up to 15% or so. When grown on the terra rossa of Coonawarra, the wines become better with age. Their flavors range from dark fruits and flowery scents with a spicy hint of raspberry.

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