The Lowdown of the Prepaid Mobile Phone Plan

By: Dave Carter

People approach mobile phone use and the charges associated with it in different ways. Some prefer to have a monthly fixed charge billed to their name and then worry never more beyond that amount in the next two years—the time you’re required to subscribe to avail of the promotions associated with the price plan deal. Others prefer the pre-paid approach so that they have more control on their usage: you actually pay as you go, largely depending on your use of your phone network services. In this article, we will tackle the pros and cons of taking a prepaid mobile plan:

1. Pay as You Use
Yes, you actually know how you’ve used up the amount you pay when you go pre-paid. Every cent in that amount is accounted for. When you are the type of person who likes to have this kind of control in their mobile phone usage, then you will appreciate this benefit from a prepaid plan. View official site for a look into good plan deals.

2. No Need for Extra Freebies
One of the so-called perks of postpaid plans is the “free” phone that usually comes with it. A lot of plans throw in a new phone to make the package look more appealing. If you have no plans of changing your existing phone, the details of the plan itself may not be what you need. When it comes to prepaid options, you can use your existing phone and just change the SIM card. If you don’t want to change your mobile phone number, request the provider to make the necessary alterations that will allow you to retain your number while availing of these prepaid deals.

3. No Fixed Contracts
A major setback with postpaid plans is that you are required to stay with the company for a minimum period of time, averaging between 18 months to 2 years among service providers. If, for some reason, you have to terminate the contract prematurely, you will be expected to pay some charges, which can be quite steep if the plan came with a “free” phone. If this condition does not feel right to you, go for the prepaid plans with their no-contract policy. Check out Compare Mobile Plans website for your options.

1. The Inconvenience of Topping-Up
Prepaid phone plans require that you have existing credit to your phone before you can actually avail of the service. A minimum of $1 must be in your account at all times, or else your phone number gets deactivated. To make phone calls or send texts, more than that amount is needed. To increase the credit on your account, we go through the relatively easy process of “topping up”: just add a few dollars to your account and you can continue using your phone. The inconvenience of visiting a particular establishment before you get credit in your account is, especially felt if you run out of credit in the middle of the night. Look for network providers that allow for direct bank transfer online, linking up your bank account to your mobile account so easy transfers can be done just by making calls, or having someone else transfer some credit to your account from that person’s own mobile phone account—much easier ways to credit your account because you don’t have to get out of the house to do it.

2. Limited International/Roaming Features
One of the requirements of postpaid contracts is for their applicants to submit some basic security information about themselves. This security check is not a usual requirement for pre-paid customers. If you are planning to leave the country using your pre-paid number, check to see if your services are limited in any way. Some providers will still allow international connection for basic services such as text and call but may be limited in other, more specialized features such as MMS or internet browsing. Other networks will not let prepaid numbers to roam at all. There is also the fact that you won’t be able to top up in a foreign country, so you would have to remember to put in plenty of credit into your account before flying out.

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