The Love Affair between HTML and SEO Intricately Bonded and Inseparable

By: Gary Cecil

If you have a website that you are trying to optimize for better ranking on search engines, you need to think beyond keywords and link building. It is important to understand how a website is evaluated by search engine spiders. Obviously, they cannot read "English" or any other language that you use on your website. Search engine spiders understand coded language. So, if you want a robust SEO, you need to ensure that the codes in your website are perfectly written so that search engine spiders can read your page more easily. HTML is the most effective coding platform you can use.

It is not wrong to suggest that HTML and SEO are intricately bonded. In fact, with the development of HTML5 technology, it has become much easier to achieve better SEO results by writing codes on this platform. Here are some ways in which HTML can help your SEO endeavors.

Eliminate Flash and make your website more SEO friendly

Until the development of HTML5, Flash held the monopoly in graphics and animation programming on web pages. Although Flash is a great platform for these functions, it is not SEO friendly because search engine spiders cannot read Flash programming. So, the part of your page that is done in Flash goes beyond the reach of search engines. Additionally, Flash increases load time of websites. Replace Flash with HTML5 and you have a SEO friendly website that sports high quality graphics.


In the present times, responsive design rules the website development industry. Responsive websites are those which automatically adjust to various screen sizes. So, if a customer opens your website on his smart phone, he gets a page that is as clear in rendition as it is on a laptop. This eliminates the need to create two websites one for desktops and one for smaller screens. For this kind of design, HTML is the best tool.

Responsive websites are great for SEO in several ways. For one, you can focus all your SEO attempts at one website since a single website is used for all devices. Also, search engine spiders don't have to crawl and index two sites in order to increase the rank of your business website.

HTML sitemap

The biggest advantage of HTML is that the coding is simple, clean and very clear. So, when you create a sitemap using HTML and submit it to Google, you lay out a clear path for the search engine crawlers to travel on your site. As a result, the position of your website on SERPs increases steadily.

Page segmentation

HTML allows great functionality when it comes to page segmentation. You can split the page into segments such as title tags, header tags, navigation tags and others. Segmentation helps search engines to understand your page and all its elements in a more definite manner. Sometimes, you might have duplicate pages on the site and these can get you demerits. When you segment, you can hide certain parts of the page that you do not want the search engine to see.

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Intricately Bonded and Inseparable - HTML is an essential part of web design as well as SEO campaigns. But it's not a magic potion that will immediately put your site(s) at the top of the SERPs. You need to have a good SEO consultant for that. Refer this link for talking with SEO specialists belonging to Rank First SEO Company in Melbourne.

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