The Live Life Program by My Diet Zone

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The Live Life Program by My Diet Zone

Mediterranean diet, Atkins, Beverly Hills (Pineapple) diet, Cabbage Soup, Lunar Phase, Negative Calorie and South Beach. Haven’t you tried all these diets? Aren’t you weary of dieting, sacrificing, feeling hungry, the poor results most of the time, the bouncing back to square 1 or even putting on more weight?

Every diet “specialist” or “guru” out there has the newest and most fantastic diet you will every try. Their new latest rage will help you lose…. a part of your wallet that is.

The truth, and this is hardly news, is that to lose weight you need to burn more calories than you take in. It’s pretty simple, right? Yes, we can all do the math, now putting it into practice is where the problems begin.

We have tried all these diets and more, diet aids that promised weight loss with zero effort and in the process spent quite a few dollars. What are we doing wrong?

How many of you have starved yourselves, worked out until you were sore and then you step on the scale, and you didn’t lose an ounce?

It is no secret that you follow a certain eating and physical activity pattern during your life, and that is ultimately what is responsible for your weight gain and the lack of weight loss. You might be asking how?

Basic Things:

? You drive everywhere, you have a hectic schedule and physical activity is at its minimum.
? Flashy ads on TV and neon signs advertising how many pounds of food you can get for just 5.99.
? Super-sized portions are always a better deal.
? Ads like this: “come hungry, leave happy”.

My true and rude awakening was during a health seminar when the speaker told us of how portion sizes had increased over the last 30 years. He spoke of the size of sodas, muffins, French fries and burgers among other things and then he said that a muffin at Starbucks (which I have never been able to finish) was a whopping 900 calories! For most of us that is 75% of our daily calorie intake and you had better believe that it won’t keep you satisfied for 75% of the day! Scary isn’t it?

You don’t have to make a drastic change and get into the latest fad diet advertised by your favorite celeb nor do you have to workout 4 hours each day until you drop from exhaustion. As we mention in the introduction to the Live Life Program. Its not a diet… its about “Living Life”, enjoying all foods, adding physical activity, feeling good while you do it and no radical, drastic changes. Some of the “adjustments” are so small, that you

will be able to incorporate them into your life quickly and easily and they will change your lifestyle around in a healthy positive way.

Did you ever suspect that you were not losing weight simply because you were not eating enough? It’s true.

As with any program make sure you check with your doctor to assess your current health status. Also you might want to have your doc check your thyroid if you have been watching every bite (but not under eating) and are moderately active, and still no weight is lost. The thyroid is a tiny little gland that is responsible for a good number of problems if its not working right. Some are weight gain, hair loss, dry skin, sluggish overall feeling, etc

There are so many small things you can change that won’t make you feel miserable. First and foremost remove the notion of “dieting” from your mind. The reason why is because of the way our mind structures this thought:
“I am starting a diet. I want to lose 20 pounds. I can’t eat bread, chocolate, pizza, French fries, ice cream sundaes, etc… I should lose the 20 pounds in about 4 to 6 weeks” and off you go starting your diet. But what is on the back of your mind all along “I can’t wait to get off this diet so I can have a slice of pizza”. So in 4 to 6 weeks having been successful and looking great, you go back to the same old eating patterns as before because it makes you feel good and it satisfies.

What if I told you that you can feel just as good and not have to cut out any of those foods? That you are not going to take any magic pills,, and you are not replacing real foods with artificial anything? Wouldn’t you feel better starting a program that doesn’t exclude any of your favorite foods, it just limits the amount. This is what the Live Life Program is all about. I can honestly tell you that after losing 23 lbs in a little less than 4 months I am still on the program because it’s my new way of living. I enjoy real desserts, and a glass of wine, and I go out to dinner. All I did was “re-learn” how to eat and how much to eat and above all to NOT skip meals. My husband on the other hand has lost 54 pounds in 6 months, is full of energy and has not been hungry or felt he was on a diet at all.

With regards, to fitness you don’t need expensive machines or an over the top club membership. Guess what, a good pair of sneakers, dumbbells, ankle or wrist weights (optional), a step block you can even make yourself, and an exercise ball that can be purchased anywhere is all you need and it wont set you back hundreds or thousands of dollars. I do highly recommend purchasing a pedometer, it will really help you keep track of calories burned, how many steps you take a day (to meet your daily requirement of 10,000 steps) and it will really psych you up too! As with any exercise program don’t forget to stretch before and after to avoid injuries.

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