The Lazy Way To Create Effective Customer Relationships Using Email AutoResponders!

By: Ettione Stuckey

You want to build trust through constant communication. Constant communication is your ticket to building trust and credibility with your prospects and customers. Of all of your marketing efforts, this is possibly the most important key to your success. People are more apt to do business with you when they trust you. Offline though, this may be an expensive endeavor; especially when using postal mail. The Internet however, opens up a whole new playing field.

Use Sequential (Email) AutoResponders
You can automatically and almost effortlessly stay in touch with your prospects and customers for as long as you like using Sequential autoresponders. Almost effortlessly means, you do have to create some messages to send to your prospects, or at least have them created for you. All you have to do then is load your email autoresponder with your messages, set the delivery schedule, and voila; you're on your way to increased sales and profits.

Sequential autoresponders allow you to send a series of timed messages to your prospects and customers at set intervals. It's been proven that it takes approximately 7 contacts with your prospect before he/she will buy from you. This information has been re-hashed and regurgitated so much that it's a wonder many people don't know this already. At any rate, it's true.

Online, sequential autoresponders allow you to do this effortlessly, effectively and automatically. I like the word automatic. That means I don't have to touch it. I Set It And Forget It! ... And so can you. All you have to do is get your hands on a good autoresponder! There are many autoresponder services available on the Internet today, even my own, but more on that later.

Keep in mind, there are NO envelope, stamp, and envelope-stuffing costs associated with using sequential autoresponders, and no advertising costs. These costs can get outrageously high if you're running a sizeable campaign. With sequential autoresponders, you only have a nominal monthly service fee. If you've got a good product and marketing campaign, your sales will more than pay the measly cost of your autoresponder service, many times over.

Do Not SPAM Your Prospects!!!
Give, teach, and/or train your prospects with good quality content or just some product/service updates. It's okay to make offers inside your messages, but I would not do it in every single message. Why? Because, personally I hate being on lists that just promote - promote - promote! You can get promoted to anywhere online, so why would you want to see it in every single email message you get? There are some others that would dispute this, but it's your call. I know, "I", tend to stay subscribed to the lists that don't view me as simply another $dollar!

...So, what I am saying is, GIVE your prospects/customers something. Don't just take - take - take. Even if what you're giving is just Good-old, Rock-Solid information and advice, give it to them and make it as clear and as concise as possible.

Call Them to Action!
I know I just told you not to take-take-take from your prospects and customers, but I also told you, it's okay to make offers too - Heck! - that's the purpose of your autoresponder anyway - to make you money! You decide how often you want to make product/service offers. You can always ask your prospects to click through on a link, to call you, or email you to take advantage of your special offer at the end of each message; however, don't try to sell them a different product every time you contact them, unless this is the nature of your business.

Again, give your prospects and customers good information they can sink their teeth into, or maybe even give them some freebies (good ones) then, ask them to click through to your website or affiliate link, or ask them to fill out a form, email you, or call your office.

Happy E-mailing!

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