The Key to a Whole New World Confidence

By: lewis jim

Imagine yourself trudging along a lonely road, admiring the closed shops, curiously peeping over shut windows, going nowhere in particular. You scan the pavement ahead; not a single person visible, as far as the horizon permits your sight. You turn your head to look behind you, just to find a similar view. Suddenly a woman materializes out of an alley ahead, and starts walking in your direction. She's beautiful, and walks with a steady, angelic gait, looking straight ahead. You scrutinize her gradually unfolding features, and she's perfect, gorgeous. Her almond-shaped eyes are almost hypnotic, mesmerizing. As she draws close, she turns her gaze in your direction, smiles softly, and after what feels like an eternity, looks away. You're dumbstruck, but keep walking straight, as if in a dream. Reality hits you in an instant, and you wish you had said something. You look back at her retreating figure, run toward her like you've never run before, and eventually catch up with her, panting. She looks at you, inquisitively yet invitingly, and you stand there as if in haze. You're at a loss for words; your courage gives in, and you stalk away, red-faced. You take one last look at her before the miraculously dense fog envelopes her physique.

You continue wandering around aimlessly before returning back to your routine life. What would have happened if you would have talked? How would that have affected your world? You might have been enjoying the cold, snuggled up in a coffee shop, sipping strong caffeine, with her. If not, you might simply have carried on with your routine, but with one less moment of embarrassment, and the satisfaction of having gone the distance.

Do you know why researchers and philosophers are bad flirts? They think a lot. And that is exactly what you did, when you encountered the beauty. Thinking is a forbidden rule when it comes to socializing. You don't need to think what to say. You don't even need to think what others might think of your thinking. Did I just say thinking is a forbidden rule? So we'll trash the word for good. Simply blurt out the first thing that crops up in your mind. You may judge its humility later. Trying to say something is more difficult than actually saying it.

Lastly, it's not more important to act relaxed than to literally be so. If this crossed your mind, you've started thinking again. Discard this train and concentrate more on the upcoming new life. Imagine that you're the only one in the world. You've got all the luxuries at your disposal, including the basic necessities of food, clothing and roof. Excited? You may live for a couple of days, even weeks or months on the potentially unlimited resources; then there will come a time when you'll find this routine, and then you'll miss the long-dodged social life. Socializing is full of surprises after all!

Live your life like everyone will die tomorrow but you. Talk to the one you wish to, tackle that interview with gumption, and the least you can do is socialize with the ones who call you a friend. You'll find your life changing for the better.

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