The Internet and Human Relationships

By: alexis

Today, the Internet has become a household word that is used to denote high-tech, super fast, and highly convenient communication between people. Since its introduction in 1973, the “Net” has been use as a research program to investigate techniques and develop technologies for interlinking different computer packet networks. Later on, it was expanded to serve as an electronic means of sending and receiving mails and messages. It is now widely used as a research tool for news, education, entertainment, and informal web-based education.

The Internet has changed the course of the world completely. It has reshaped the way we communicate, work, play, and how we understand the world around us.

Instead of buying and reading a newspaper, people can now watch the news, sports, and stock market updates in the Internet. With just a click of a mouse, an Internet user can get in touch with other users in different continents. The use of e-mails and online chatting had redefined the way we conduct long-distance communication and, yes --- even the way we maintain long-distance relationships.

The Internet became a tool for long-distance relationships to flourish --- bridging the geographical distances to bring families and lovers together. Internet technology has allowed human beings to reduce gaps created by distance and time zones. Thus, no two persons are really far apart if they learn to maximize the features and benefits of Internet technology. For example, Internet chatting is used by people as a means to exchange instant messages and images. Through the use of web cameras, “chatters” are able to “talk” and see each other on the Web. In the old days, it took weeks or even months for a letter to arrive. Traditionally written mail is sent via courier. The letter or “snail mail” is transported by land, sea, or air --- all of which take time and are dependent on good weather and travel conditions.

With the rise of the Internet as a digital highway for messages and images --- people now have a fast, convenient, and reliable means to transmit and receive information, not to mention the means to send love letters through e-mail. For lovers located in two separate countries, the Internet becomes a place where they can meet and even have the digital version of dating. In this day and age, there is no reason for a boyfriend or husband to miss the opportunity of sending the ladylove a bouquet of fresh flowers. Romance is still possible even if two lovers are hundreds of miles apart. Surprising a loved one at home with flowers even if you are overseas is just one of the many surprises that one can make with the use of the Internet. By going to websites that sell flowers, you can choose, purchase, and send greetings and bouquets to your family and special friend. Most online flower shops include a printable special mail order forms. Online shoppers have the option to fill-in needed information and then send the message to a specified address by mail or email. You can even surprise a loved one at the office by using Internet faxing as a means to send a love letter or an encouraging note. The online network of flower shops has enabled people to send flowers to just about anywhere in the world.

Floral Internet sites can be found through individual searches, while others conduct searches, and deliver online coupons, coupon codes, and deal directly with registered buyers. When buying flowers online, shoppers can select from a wide range of choices like roses, tulips, Malaysian mums, and gerbers. These flowers can be delivered to a family member or loved one on the same day it was ordered, regardless of time and country where the buyer is located. Some online companies charge a minimal processing fee for international flower deliveries while others do not. There are times, however, when slight delays may be experienced due to the need to verify the recipient's address. When it comes to international orders and deliveries, it is very important to have the correct name of and address of the recipient. Payment is usually done through checks, credit cards, and money orders. Most companies offer the “right to return” goods or cancel the order within a period of seven days. Aside from the convenience of shopping for flowers using a Net-capable computer, people also have the benefit of receiving information about the background, social uses, and meanings associated with each flower being sold on the site.

Even across the miles, relationships can still flourish by using Internet technology. Deep, personal relationships need not suffer and end with each parting. By using Internet technology, we can still make our relationships strong and keep the love alive.

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