The Interesting Experience of Buying Glasses

By: Echo Refine

Several days earlier, I ordered a pair of glasses on the net. Now I have received my bargain, and they pleased me a lot. When I recalled my shopping experience, I still feel the pleasure of it. Now, I want to share my pleasant experience with you, and hope that it can furnish you with some reference when you considering implementing such purchase.
First, after inputting the web site, I entered it immediately. I clicked many buttons and try to find out how this system operates. I found that the choices were really abundant in number. See, if I want to buy a pair with no more than 70 dollars, I can click the hyperlink that reads “$40-$70”, within the boundary I can choose any glasses as like. Since I have no limitation of money, I can choose anything as long as it can impress me at first sight and withstand my severe examination.
In general, I prefer glasses that give others tranquil and soft feelings. So those bold styled glasses are not up to my taste. I entered the female’s section and saw whether there was anything that met my demand. Instantly, I found a frame that had light blue lines around elliptical frame. The design is a little novel because at the beginning of the legs, there are some shining stones which can reflect the sunlight. What’s more, it was on sale! The original price was over 200 dollars and at that time it was only sold at 108 dollars! Its design was like one of the Levi’s, which had a sense of nobility. Right beside the picture, there was a virtual try-on system. I entered it. There were several choices designed for the customers. For the experienced customers, they can use their in stored information. For the new customers, they can also conveniently use this system.
Some alternatives are provided. One is “try with model photo”. If you enter this section, you can see some model photos which provide you with various kinds of face shapes. Select one that is most similar to your own face and try on the frame. Another choice is “upload your own photo” which means you upload your own photo and have a try and see whether it will be ok. I prefer this because every one of us has our own characteristic which can’t be shown in the model photos. Besides, even if you have the same face shape with the models, maybe their try-on effect will be much better than yours. Remember they are stars and unless your face shape is perfect, you can trust these model photos. I think this try-on system is really interesting. I uploaded my photo and tried several other frames and finally decided the right one. I think it was really a funny experience when I used these inflation or deflation and even the circumvolve buttons to change the size of my photo and locate the frame at the right place.
After choosing the frame, I chose my lenses. I chose the lenses with all the necessary functions such as anti-scratch UV protection and so on. In all, I spent 250 dollars buying a pair glasses of high performance. If I buy such a pair at retail stores, it at least cost me more than 500 dollars. I was quite satisfied with this purchase; they provide me with free box and cleaning cloth as well as free shipping! I registered in this website and next time can use my ready-off data. What’s more, the received goods turned out to be a success.

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