The Importance of Wood Resources in the World

By: LuckyBW

Wood since the dawn of time has been a principal resource of energy and utility for millions of people all around the world, tons of wood is used on a yearly basis for various purposes like furniture, house building, paper, and other numerous uses. With its utilities wood also has a purpose of decreasing the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

Wood is a source of raw materials for lumber, plywood, and other products, the structural properties of wood give it the required strength, appearance, and the resistance to endure large amount of stress and strain. Woods are divided into Hardwood and Softwood, but there is no connection to their hardness and softness. There are certain hardwood trees that are softer than softwood as well and there are certain softwood trees that are harder than Hardwood.

Density of wood determines properties like bending, crushing strength, and hardness, and it is dependent on thickness of the cell wall, and so dense woods are much stronger. In ancient times wood has been used by many for construction purposes. Wood frame construction is the predominant method to build residential, wood frames are also used in the construction of industrial and commercial structures, these structures are economical to build and provide great comfort for the occupants. Construction with wood gives architects and builders to develop great architectural marvels.

Wood is a very mutable building material and it does adapt to various building styles and delivers performance at all levels of construction. There are different types of frame construction like platform frame, balloon frame, Truss-Frame, and Foundations, Fastenings, Plank & Beam Construction, Columns, Posts, Exterior Walls, Beams and much more. Wood is a good retainer of water and it holds water in two ways viz bound and free. Water held inside the cell walls is called bound water and free water is situated in the cell cavities.

Moisture plays an important role and this is determined by the amount of water that is absorbed by wood and this is determined by the saturation point and it provides a huge effect on all wood. It is seen that wood shrinks and swells depending on the structure of wood. Comparing wood with other materials wood has more elasticity, tensile strength and compression.

Wood also offers protection against various decay factors if it is maintained in the proper way and it is also resistant to various climatic conditions. Softwood is available from various saw mills and other lumber brokers and it is used in construction of scaffolding, flooring, cabinets and much more. Hardwood is used in the construction of flooring, interiors, and panelling.

This is precisely why wood is used as principle construction material all over the world, but we also see that due to heavy deforestation forests are disappearing and the only solution to this is planting more trees. In this way the balance is restored and people can use wood for the construction of their homes and other commercial structures and also contributing positively to the ecological system.

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