The Importance of Undergoing a Fire Safety Audit

By: Jolly Krutons

We have all hear and seen those horror stories on television of an apartment building or some other kind of building catching on fire and all those who are inside are trapped and die in the flames and smoke. When management or owners of such buildings complain about the cost of installing fire safety measures and undergoing fire safety audits, they need to remember that not doing so can cost lives. And the blood of innocent victims will be on their hands.

However, it is not only commercial building that should have a fire safety inspection. Many residential buildings are fire traps with not enough outlets for escape or those outlets being deadlocked so they cannot be opened easily from the inside. They have no smoke alarms and no fire extinguisher to put out a fire with. Worse still, the inhabitants have had no training in what to do in case of a fire. With no training people panic and lives are lost that might otherwise have been saved.

And it is not only fires from a poorly placed heater or some accident with the cooking oil that are a problem. Such fires often happen in the winter, but in the summer there are bushfires to think about. Bushfires donít just stay out in the bush, they are windblown and tend to burn down homes as well as bush.

But if residents have undergone some form of fire safety training the chances of them getting out alive or of saving their homes from burning down is increased. Fire protection services are usually stretched to the limit during bushfire season and so cannot always be relied on to take care of you. It is often up to you to save your own life and that of your loved ones. But a cool head is required and this is what you can usually get through the proper training.

Fire safety services provide the kind of training in what to do should a bushfire threaten your home or if a fire breaks out inside. Everyone should undergo such training, from adults to children. Refresher courses should also be taken on a regular basis so that all the important points can be remembered more easily. Parents should see to it that their children know what to do in case of a fire. Their lives could easily depend on it. Once such training is instigated you can have peace of mind that should such a situation occur, no lives are likely to be lost.

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