The Importance of Seniors Staying Healthy This Holiday Season

By: Stefanie Jeanne

For seniors, staying healthy should always be top of mind, especially during the winter and holiday seasons.

Seniors can be particularly susceptible to colds and flu during the winter months, especially those with compromised immune systems. Staying healthy and happy should not be a daunting task if you make healthy choices your habit.

Ways that you can be sure to stay healthy this holiday season, even now as the winter weather has arrived and it is much easier to become sick. Remember these important habits of staying healthy.

Wash your hands often Ė germs can be spread by touching infected people or places where germs hide, for example any hard surface that many people come in contact with (such as a door knob). Washing your hands is the first step in preventing getting sick from those around you.

Stay at home or away from those you know are already sick. Take extra care when you are around those who are sick, avoid them if possible or be sure to wash you hands after contact and never touch your face, eyes, nose or mouth. These areas are the entry way to catching a virus or the flu.

Especially this time of year with the holidays fast approaching, it is hard not to stay busy with parties, gift shopping and family gatherings. Stress is a major factor in wearing someone down and this time of year there is lots of it. Be sure to get enough rest when you need it and schedule your events and time away from home sporadically so that you have time to unwind in between.

Eat healthy and stay active. Keeping your immune system up by staying healthy and stress free. Drink plenty of fluids to stay hydrated and eat healthy snacks such as fruits and vegetables that are packed with vitamins.

If you do develop cold or flu symptoms, be sure to visit your doctor right away, to prevent any further complications. Getting medical attention early can help you to get better sooner.

Find your local clinic or doctorsí office that offers the flu shot. Flu shots help prevent or reduce the flu symptoms if you do catch the flu, so that they donít turn into complications or hospitalization. The flu shot is usually covered under Medicare and there are lots of convenient locations near you. The flu shot is safe and effective and it is recommended for anyone with a weakened immune system or those over 65 years old.

You can find your location flu shot clinic location by visiting the website and searching their database of locations.

Follow these important tips this holiday season to stay healthy and happy and donít forget to get your flu shot!

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