The Importance of Quality Footwear When Entering the Field of Nursing


When you're a nurse, you can often feel like you're on your feet for hours at a time - and you probably are. Whether you're moving from patient bed to patient bed, or from exam room to exam room, you're constantly putting stress and weight on your feet throughout the day. It's no wonder that so many medical grades of nurse shoes are on the market. This kind of footwear helps the nurse stay comfortable, prevent personal injury, and increase their longevity in the field.

Fending off tired feet

When you're working twelve hour shifts or longer, your feet are going to become tired. Standing on your feet during this time is simply difficult when you're not wearing the right footwear. But there have been new advancements in footwear that can help you maintain your energy levels with proper cushioning and the right angle for your body to stand in. Some of the rubber-like medical shoes and clogs allow your feet to be cradled in the form, thus preventing fatigue. If you're also getting the additional cushioning in these shoes, the repeated walking will no longer continuously shoot pain or pressure throughout your body.

Try to look for shoes that are described as:

  • Cushioning

  • Form fitted

  • Shock absorbers

  • Vibram soled

Athletic shoes can also work if they're cushioned well for hard surfaces - i.e. tennis shoes or cross trainers. But medical grade shoes tend to be better as they are made for those tough hospital floors.

Look for well respected, quality brands of nurse shoes such as Dansko shoes, Nursemates shoes, and Cherokee shoes. Spending a few dollars more on quality shoes will be paid back to you in comfort and durability.

Preventing injuries at work

If you're helping others, you need to make sure that you're not getting injured along the way. By choosing quality footwear with slip resistant soles, you will make sure that no matter what fluids may be on the floor, you will still be standing upright. This is especially important when you're trying to transport patients from one place to the next or when you are simply walking down the hall. You will be protecting yourself from slips and falls as well as the patients from being dropped midway through being moved.

Try to look for shoes that:

  • Have slip resistant soles

  • Are water resistant

  • Stay securely on your feet

  • Have thicker, closed toes

Increasing your career longevity

But what most people don't realize about footwear for nurses is that they can be insurance for the length of their career. If you aren't choosing high quality shoes, you will not be supporting your body and may possibly be harming your back and joints. Walking around in shoes that aren't supporting your body will cause your joints to wear down over time, adding pain to your life and possibly increasing your sick time or medical expenses.

Where you can find quality footwear

The good news is that while it sounds like buying quality footwear is going to be an expensive way to start your nursing career, this isn't the case. Many brands are readily available at medical supply stores for you to try on and then can be purchased for lower prices online. Simply try on the pairs that you may want and then try to find the same pairs through trusted online retailers - often for a substantial discount. You can also sometimes find medical supply catalogs online that offer you reduced rates.

When you take the time to purchase high quality footwear when you enter the field of nursing, you will help ensure your safety and physical health. And that's something that should make you feel better with every step.

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