The Importance of Lighting

By: Divine Interiors

I cannot say it enough lighting is probably the most important aspect of your space! The wrong lighting can make your home look downright dreadful, no matter how much you spent on that beautiful Victorian/modern/traditional piece you saw and just HAD to have. It’s no different than say, bathroom lighting when trying to apply makeup. If you have those horrible fluorescent tube lights, every flaw you may or may not actually have, is going to scream at you. Now, pick the perfect tone of warm light that resembles candle light and all of those ‘flaws’ disappear. So this week, I want to share with you some helpful tips on picking the best lighting for your home, as well as some advice on the best lighting types out there.

1. The first step to giving your home the lighting it deserves is to remember to give it variation. You not only want built in lighting, but what we designers like to call decorative lighting. This does not mean what the light itself looks like, but instead where it sits in the room. Things like wall sconces and table and floor lamps. Desk Lamps are what we like to call task lighting. Important, but only if you need to read in your space.

2. The bulbs. Make sure you read the labels on the bulbs you buy. If it says anything similar to ‘cool light,’ put it back. This is what gives you that horrible fluorescent bathroom feeling. You want to find a warm light, or a ‘sun’ light. Try not to go too orange or yellow, these will not represent your home in its best glory.

3. More on bulbs. Incandescent lights, while great for warmth, are horrible for energy consumption and the environment, and, coincidentally, are being discontinued. No, this does not mean go buy a giant stockpile. This means embrace change, and find something better! LEDs are wonderful! They not only have many color waves, but last for 2 to 20 years depending on how much you are willing to spend. Not only that, but they more than make up for their cost with the amount you save on energy costs. Not to mention, they are quite a bit safer than something like halogens, because they don’t give off heat.

4. Make your lighting beautiful. This time, I mean the way it looks. You want to pick something that can bring your décor together and enhance it. You want to choose chandeliers, and sconces that add to your space, not detract from it.

5. You don’t have to match, but you do need to stay in the same style family at least. You don’t want a very traditional chandelier paired with ultra-modern sconces. It will look odd. But you can pair a very traditional chandelier with a much simpler traditional or transitional sconce. Or vice versa. That part is up to you!

Remember, lighting also affects mood. Just like color. So if you want to feel good when you’re in your space, then the righting lighting will make all the difference. Just like, if you have that horrible fluorescent bulb in your bathroom, you won’t feel great about walking in there every day, and that will set your mood for the rest of the day. Feel good about your space, and the way it reflects you. And feel free to share your own stories or helpful hints with us in the comments below!

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