The Importance of Art and Creativity in a Kid's Life

By: Moby Bond

Many people don't understand how important art and creativity is, in every kid's life. If only they would understand that art and creativity marks an integral part of child development, they would probably encourage their kids to embrace it more regularly.

One of the importances of art in kids is that, it helps in both emotional and social development. This is simply because of the fact that, whenever children are involved in arts activities, they are able to learn about each other. In addition, art and creativity helps children in having a sense of uniqueness, therefore playing a vital role in building their self-esteem. Arts and creativity further provides an opportunity for kids to appreciate their personal uniqueness, besides enabling them to express emotions such as joy, happiness and pride.

The power of art and creativity in enhancing kid's cognitive development can never be underestimated. Apparently, arts and creativity helps kids in early learning and equips them with a variety of learning skills. Numerous scientific researches and studies have indicated that, children who are exposed to arts and creativity at a relatively early age are more interested in learning as opposed to their counterparts who were never exposed to art and creativity. Arts and creativity makes its easier for kids to reflect on everything they know in the world. Arts and creativity also aims at empowering kids on how to choose the best ways of translating their ideas and experiences. There is no point in stressing the fact that, children feel freer to express themselves and their ideas through art and creativity, as opposed to expressing these ideas verbally. This is because they might feel shy and at times freak out, if they were to express themselves in words. Therefore, arts and creativity have been recommended as the best way through which kids can be given a platform to express their ideas and feelings.

Many people would agree that, arts and creativity prompts kids to be highly creativity. This is because art and creativity is all about being unique. Apparently, for one to be unique, they must be creative in their own ways, with kids not being an exemption. The fact that art and creativity are open-minded helps in prompting kids to embrace creativity thus coming with different and unique aspects of art, which is honoured and appreciated by all. Research has it that, kids who are involved in arts and creativity are more creative in life, which is contrary to those kids that are yet to embrace arts and creativity. Similarly, due to creativity advocated by art and creativity, children are able to come up with solutions to many of the problems that they counter in their lives as they grow up.

Arts and creativity also helps in the development of kid's brain. Whenever kids are involved in arts and creativity, there are physical changes that take place within their brains. These changes help in regulating emotions in addition to enabling kids to start learning at a relatively early change. Simply put, art and creativity form a kid's basis of learning.

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