The Importance of 49 CFR to Your Captains License Exam

By: Richard Cooper

As a ships captain, navigator, or maritime engineer, you need to know existing Federal regulations and rules that govern maritime transport. Specifically, the title 49 CFR or Code of Federal Regulations governs the handling of cargo for all types of transport. So if you want to get your Captains license, then you should know the rules of the Federal government on this issue. As a transport officer and a ships captain, you are required by law to know the specific legislations concerning the transport of hazardous cargoes. You can face federal prosecution if you violate the rules enumerated on title 49 of CFR.

All transport-related legislation is contained in Title 49 CFR. So aside from your regular review materials for the captains license exams, you need to get a copy of 49 CFR book. An updated edition can be found in the bookshelves of Seabreeze Nautical Books and Charts in San Diego. You can also order the latest edition of CFR 49 online. Just visit the Seabreeze bookstore website and order your copy of the book. You will get a definite advantage during the license exam if you can study the provisions of the book. This way, you can easily get your captains license from the US Coast Guard.

You have to take note that Federal rules and regulations concerning the transport of hazardous cargo always change whenever new legislation is introduced. So if Congress passes a new law, the supplemental changes to the title 49 CFR are also provided. To avoid troubles, make sure that the supplemental provisions in CFR 49 Title are included in your copy. A great way to overcome this problem is to regularly check the Federal Register. New legislation is published to the Federal Register. With a copy of the CFR 49 and the Federal Register, you are assured that you will not miss any important legislation that governs transport of hazardous cargoes.

However, studying the CFR 49 title is not a guarantee that you will pass the captains license examinations. There are different sets of questions and exam modules that you need to study to get your captains license. What you can do is to buy review books so you can study at home or in your boat. One of the best review materials that you can have is the fourth edition of Get Your Captains License. This review material is also available at Seabreeze Nautical Books and Charts bookstore. You can also order this review material from the Internet. Just order your copy and you will get a CD and book from the Seabreeze bookstore.

The Get Your Captains License book and CD provides excellent simulation for the captains license examination. The CD contains more than 40,000 questions from previous examinations conducted by the US Coast Guard. The CD will select random questions for you and you can answer these questions just like in a real exam. You will get recommendation from the software and it will point out your deficiencies so you can improve your scores.

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Get the most updated 49 CFR edition from our bookstore. You can also get a copy of Get Your Captains License from our website so you can self study for the license exams.

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