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By: Tong Lin

The improvement of any process, be it a business process or a manufacturing process, depends on receiving the right kind of quality assurance tips and timely implementation of these tips. The quality assurance field has been witnessing the emergence of new theories and procedures. So, any organization that is truly wedded to the concept of quality should keep itself updated on the emerging information. In the long run, quality is a major factor that determines the success of a business. One has to remember that quality is not derived by accident; it is the inevitable result of a series of planned procedures and activities.

Fundamentals Of Quality Assurance

There is nothing called absolute quality. It is a subjective entity. In other words, quality means different things for different people. For some people, it is firmly associated with the price. For some other people, it is related to the ease of use and longevity (in the case of a product). So, quality for an organization is determined by the tastes and prejudices of its customers.

You may understand and implement the best quality assurance tips in the world. If the customers remain unimpressed, such high standard quality assurance measures are not going to help the cause of your business. However, in almost all cases, if the steps are understood correctly and implemented properly, customers are bound to be impressed and business is bound to improve.

An Overview Of Quality Assurance Procedures

There are many reputable auditing and rating agencies that provide quality certification for all kinds of businesses. They have specific procedural guidelines for specific departments of an organization. These departments include administrative wings such as human resources and accounting departments, various units of production departments, and different sections of marketing and sales departments. One has to adhere strictly to quality assurance tips for getting through the audit of these firms.

It has to be remembered that a large chunk of quality guidelines are related to practicing certain kinds of procedures. The philosophy behind these elaborate procedures is that if an organization strictly adheres to these guidelines, a certain level of quality will be maintained in all its activities. The most popular quality assurance certifications are ISO certification and CMM certification. There are various levels or grades of certification. The higher the certification grade, the stricter will be the procedural guidelines. One can follow various quality assurance tips and processes for getting quality certification.

There are different types of quality maintenance systems, as well. These systems provide different paths for organizations for reaching the required quality level. The major quality process systems are CMMI, Six Sigma, Total Quality Management, Failure Mode and Effects Analysis, Measurement Systems Analysis, and Advance Product Quality Planning.

How To Measure Quality

Quality is an abstract entity; but for the sake of evaluation and improving customer satisfaction, one has to define it in terms of quantifiable variables. A good indicator of quality is the customers' reaction to a product or a process. Customer surveys and feedback forms are the traditional tools used for gauging the customers' attitude towards a process or a product.

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The latest quality management tips are abuzz with innovative methods for this purpose. For example, for retail outlets, mystery shopping or secret shopping is a widely used tool for understanding the efficiency of a quality control procedure.

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