The History of SEO

By: Mel Joelle

SEO or search engine optimization dates back to 1990 when the innovation of the internet had also gained immense popularity. However, if you trace the roots of search engine optimization, you will be amazed that it has actually started as early as the 1960s. Gerald Salton is the author of the 56 page book that explains indexing and how it works. He was also known to be the father of the modern search technology. In his book, The Theory of Indexing, all tactics used in modern days are still based on the book he has authored before. Ted Nelson was also one of the people responsible for the evolvement of search engine optimization. In 1963, he coined the term hypertext where he was then working with Project Xandu. He did not promote broken lines and was firmly against complicated codes in the conventional HTML. In fact, the inspiration for the WWW concept was much derived from his idea.

Advanced Research Projects Agency Network or otherwise known as ARPANet has paved the way towards the innovation of the internet. In 1993, websites has sprung out but most of them were only available in colleges. Prior to the existence of numerous websites, the first search engine was named Archie. This was developed by Alan Emtage in 1990 where searches were done before the birth of modern day search engines such as Yahoo and Google. In 1991, a new search engine was materialized and named Veronica following the hit Archie. In this same time, Tim Burners-Lee came in with the File Transfer Protocol idea. FTP was the method of how people transferred files to and fro since the innovation of the World Wide Web has not been born yet.

With the FTP, you need to setup a server to allow the other person to receive it. On the other end, the person who wants to retrieve the data must have a FTP client. This was an excellent choice for small groups however as larger data was collected it started to get fragmented and eventually unable to cater to bigger needs. In 1994, the Yahoo Directory was created. This innovation was brought by David Filo and Jerry Yang as a compilation of the pages they have marked as favorites. After 4 years, further innovation was developed as Rich Skrenta along with his friends made the Open Directory Project. This was the first and largest internet directory during that time. This was only created because the webmasters behind this project were frustrated to be included in the Yahoo directory. In November of 1998, Netscape announced its purchase of the Open Directory Project. Later that month, AOL proposed to buy Netscape for $4.5 billion.

On November 15 of 2005, Google started to launch a project where anything you could ever imagine was incorporated in the database. This project was called Google Base where products and services that are vertically searched can be more understandable. It can also allow them to know what to create and which among should be given more emphasis. As the years passed by and technology advanced more, SEO has also developed. Different techniques and tactics were made to be able to rank pages and effectively advertise. Due to this, a lot of web designers are using SEO to make a good website.

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