The History of Delicious Products like Toblerone

By: Jacob Cohen

Origin of Toblerone

Today, there are a lot of big and small companies in the world dealing with quality and standardize eatables. Kraft Foods was introduced and established first in North America in 1923 by Thomas H. McKinney and his brothers and later on it established its sub-offices in many other countries. Now it is successfully working in more or less 155 countries and has thousands of employees and manufacturing and processing departments in the whole world.

Gradual Development of Kraft

In the very beginning period, it only dealt with ice cream and cheese, and now it is considered among the leading brands and second biggest company in the world dealing with a lot of quality food items and beverages as Kraft cheese, Maxell House Coffee, Tang (a soft drink), Oreo biscuit, Be vita, Lu Trident, Milka, Tassimo, Halls,Toblerone, Philadelphia, Cart Noire, Cot or, Kraft Macaroni, Cadbury roast almond and caramel and cheese, cookies and crackers. All of them are the leading brands of Kraft Foods which are very well-known and liked all over the world.

Planning & Development

The company has been making efforts and taking numerous steps to expand its business at the target areas day by day. In order to make further progress in its field, it has revealed some plans about the coming years that will further boost to its development. It plans;

• To increase durable sourcing of agricultural commodities by 25 percent.
• To reduce the energy use in the manufacturing plant by 15 percent.
• To reduce the CO2 related energy by 15 percent.
• To minimize the consumption and use of water in manufacturing units by 15 percent.
• To decrease 80 million km from the transportation areas.


Toblerone is one of the leading chocolate bar brands of Kraft manufacturers. As in its beginning, the Tobler Company was independent, but later on it made affiliation with Milka makers. There is a paradise of recipes that makes great difference in the world of taste. The chocolate that generally known as milk chocolate contains nougats, milk, almonds and honey having the shape like a pyramid. Because of its specific shape, the chocolate lovers are familiar to it very well and they relish every bite with great joy. Every single bite will let you experience the finest taste of ingredients brought from all over the world. It contains vitamin E, B1, B2, B5 and B6 and a lot of calcium. It is created carefully with the fine quality of cocoa beans from the different parts of the world. Nougats almonds and pure honey give it a superb taste and for this purpose, high quality ingredients are selected from quality providers. Cocoa contains natural components like caffeine, the bromine and histamine. Earlier, it was named as ‘Carl Von Linnι’.

Toblerone Recipes

The well known and the best Toblerone recipes that have great delight inside are;

• Toblerone Cookies
• Toblerone Croissants
• Toblerone Fondue
• Toblerone Fudge
• Chocolate Mousse
• Swiss Alps Cookies

In short, Kraft Foods need no introduction at all in the food industry and it always comes up with unique and new recipes.

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Jacob Cohen has been connected with food industry based in Rapid City, Dubai, UAE. He has worked on numerous projects associated with food and nutrition, and is an active blogger on quality food related products. For more info about delicious Toblerone (توبليرون) and its recipes (وصفات توبليرون), visit Kraft Foods Website (كرافت فودز).

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