The Health Benefits Of Running

By: kozakjoshua

There are many side effects of running that are positive and maybe somehow unexpected. The muscles all over the body get stronger and some find it a lot easier to find the six pack we all have there somewhere under the layers of fat on our stomach. Psychological and physical issues of health tend to go together and you get a lot better at dealing with stress in your daily life if you exercise.

The human mind seems to find it a lot easier to focus on only one isolated aspect of the big picture. Therefore I would probably be more successful by only writing about only one positive effect of running if I wanted to convince someone that it would be good for him/her to run.

I could easily write a few hundred words about how the male runners have fewer problems with erection than the average male. I am sure someone would buy that. But then, I am not a male, so how do i know? Apart from what I have read or heard my male running friends say. Not that they talk much about stuff like that. If you are a female you might be interested in the fact that the muscles in the bottom region becomes stronger by running which diminishes problems with uterine prolapse and bladder control.

There are endless myths about negative effects of running. Like the one that says women shouldn't run because they get prolapsed uterus out of it. It isn't true. But i suppose if you want excuses you’ll always be able to find one which means it doesn’t matter if it is true or not, as long you believe in it yourself.

Another myth is that runner’s knees become weak which also isn't true. The condition named "runner's knee" isn't more common among runners than the whole population and running actually makes the knees stronger, just as it does to most other joints in the body.

I have read an issue lately about in the media is that ultra-runners get scars in the heart muscle which sounds very dangerous. But when I read some of the research articles on that matter I found out that those scars were found among old males that had completed over 150 marathons. The strain on the heart was caused by the marathon. Who does that anyway? Run hundred and fifty marathons. And I didn't see those older males compared to older males that lead a sedentary lifestyle. Well I suppose the other group would have just the same amount of heart conditions, but there would have more to do with the coronary arteries etc... I’m not going to discuss this matter any further as I’m a heart surgeon. At the end of the day exercise is good for your heart.

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