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The majority of companies that decide on franchising their business actually end up being unsuccessful. Research on this topic has highlighted that eighty percent of all new franchised businesses encounter failure in some way shape or form however; starting a business on your own is proven to be more dangerous than joining a franchise.

Eighty percent sounds like an extremely high figure but many people fail to recognise how many obstacles they must overcome when the choice is made to franchise their company. Although they may have a good product and idea, this only accounts for a fraction of the process of building a successful and lucrative business model, not only for themselves, but also the people that decide to invest in it.

A lot of franchising a business comes down to remarkable time and effort spent on developing the proposition alongside covering and researching all aspects of marketing. Franchisors should also create sufficient manuals and provide full support to all franchisees, once they become part of the company. Recruitment should be a high priority in order for your franchise to reach levels of success that you believe should be achieved.

The business model is directly affected by the people that are selected to run their own franchise. The selection process can take a lot of time above everything else however the power of the company lies in the hands of the franchisees. They are the single source of proof that provides evidence that the franchise is worth the investment.

The BFA must approve the franchise agreement that is put in place before exhibiting at a Franchise Exhibition even becomes an option. To accompany this, the BFA must also proof all marketing materials ensuring that it is correct in its projections and not misleading in any way.

It takes a lot to franchise your business and becomes very costly. Saying this, most experts charge a fortune for the simplest procedures so, it is important to smarten your approach and look at cutting your costs if you can.

To market your franchise effectively, the initial step is to attend a large Franchise Exhibition and see what is required of exhibitors. It is advantageous to you to act as though you are a potential buyer as you can ask for brochures and all marketing materials. You are then able to assess the level of depth your product must go into in order for it to make sense to prospects who are interested in knowing more about your franchise.

Following this, you should speak to companies similar to your own and ask for their franchise agreements. They will most probably require you to sign confidentiality agreements and in no way should you consider copying their terms as they will have previously placed copyright laws to prevent this from happening.

Your main objective is to evaluate the marketing material and franchise agreements so that you are set in the right direction to produce your own. Legal fees involved can be reduced tremendously if you can do a large portion of the work yourself. You should only approach experts once you have completed this.

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