The Force Is With The Full Movie Streaming Rebel Alliance.

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Full movie streaming is the watching of movies on a computer screen, on demand and without having to download the movie first. Full movie screening has two major advantages over going to the cinema. First it is free and second it is now. Full movie streaming isn’t the same as going to the movies. They are completely different experiences. The size of the screen and the quality of the soundtrack cannot compare to the movies but full movie streaming is exploding in popularity as the latest advance in home entertainment. The biggest full movie streaming sites are attracting 15 million individual hits a month.
Full movie streaming all began with the BBC iPlayer but is now a huge and growing market. Broadband availability has given us the option to have billions of bits of visual data and millions of pages of ‘information’ beamed into our minds from the computer screen. It is inevitable that the Internet be used for entertainment and full movie streaming is just the latest wave.
But make no mistake full movie streaming is the final link in a chain that began with pirated movie versions. Full movie streaming is all about the latest Hollywood offerings instantly available where and when the user wants them and nobody is paying the industry producers for them. Really the Hollywood empire would love to strike back but it is finding it very difficult to pin down the rebel alliance ringleaders when it comes to full movie streaming.
The full movie streaming websites do not actually hold the movie files. They are like droids with links back to the rebel bases. Hollywood moneymen and their lawyers would love to find the rebel bases and destroy them but no sooner do they track down one link source than the full movie streaming droid connects to any one of several others.
It is the global nature of full movie streaming that is the real barrier to the Hollywood empires’ attempts to crush the rebellion. The website servers are in one location, the rebel who uploads any particular movie is in a second location and the droid site that hosts the full movie streaming is in a third. To stop it would take co-operation of a similar global if not inter-galactic nature.
The Hollywood empire has not woken up to the fact that full movie streaming is a version of entertainment that the customer really wants. They have perhaps had enough of the waiting for movie release dates and the entire attendant marketing hype. They have had enough of expensive seats, fixed show times, stale popcorn and rubbery cheese nachos. All of those rebel consumers want to watch the movies now. They want to watch them in the comfort of their own homes and at a time that is convenient to them. In short they want what the pirate rebel alliance is giving them in full movie streaming.
The force is definitely with full movie streaming and the sooner Hollywood realizes it, the sooner they can begin to find ways to make it pay.

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