The Five Keys to Successful Investing

By: Mika Hamilton

We all dream of being successful investors and being able to enjoy the benefits of the money we have earned. So when it comes to investing your hard earned money, you will want to be sure that you take the necessary steps to protect your investment. This starts with learning about some simple steps you can employ in order to help your investing strategies to provide you with successful results.

First, be sure that you are thinking long term when it comes to making investments. Realize that there are very few cases of people earning large sums of money quickly (and legally) through investing, but many cases of people who have become millionaires by investing their money long-term. These people also know that they cant react to short-term fluctuations in the market. They need to expect them, and understand that if they are investing regularly, then those dips in the market will recover.

This is related to the second key, which is to invest continuously. By investing regularly and consistently, you are able to take advantage of compounded interest to achieve amazing growth in your funds. But you are also able to take advantage of dollar cost averaging which means that during those dips in the market mentioned above, the dollars that you are investing are actually able to buy more because prices are lower. Then when the market recovers, you have actually gained more shares than you could have if the market had never dipped.

The third key requires that you know the difference between investing and gambling. One is based on educated research, or the advice of those professionals that have done that research. The other is based on reacting to market tips that may not be reliable or placing too much of your investments in high-risk ventures. Remember that all investments entail some level of risk, which is why you are being paid a return, usually in the form of interest, in order to participate. The higher the interest, the greater the potential return but also the greater the potential loss. Be sure that you understand how to balance your investments so that you do not place all your eggs in one basket.

The fourth involves your taking responsibility for your investments and not losing sight of your goals. You will need to keep track of your funds in order to be aware of when it is time to change your strategy. You do not want to lose years of valuable compounding interest due to an investment that is simply not paying out the way you believed that it would.

Last, keep your investments simple, meaning that you should only invest in things that you understand or have some knowledge in. If you invest in a company or product that you dont understand at all, you wont be able to judge the progress it is making against what it should be making. Not only that, you wont know what questions to ask in the beginning in order to make sure youre choosing well. As your investing knowledge grows, you will be able to grow the breadth of your investments as well.

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