The Firewalk Experiences

By: Roderick Armstrong

I've gone to lots of self-help seminars, read dozens of books, listened to tapes, etc. I even did the Firewalk with Anthony Robbins. I got to speak to him one on one for a minute and found him to be an absolutely wonderful individual. He really walks his talk.

I did affirmations and all of the other good stuff at the seminars but just didn't seem to get the change I was seeking. The reason is that I didn't have a big enough reason to change. I didn't want to change badly enough. You can do all of the self-help exercises but if you don't have leverage on yourself, you will not change. You must have a reason "WHY?" you want to change.

When it's all said and done will you be able to say that you attempted to live your life to its fullest? If you don't find a big enough reason to change your life, you won't. That's why so many celebs are in and out of rehab like a revolving door. It's a publicity stunt for some of them. They don't want real change, they're just going along with the flow.

That's how it is with all of us. The great motivational thinker and writer Earl Nightingale once said that "each man is where he really wants to be." When I first heard that I thought it was absurd. Then I really began to meditate on that statement and I realized that he was 100% correct. We are exactly where we really want to be. Think about that.

It's like you're saying"the world, my family, friends, neighbors, no one is worth the trouble of attempting to reach my full potential." " I am ok with my remote control. It controls me and I like it like that." "When my kids grow up, I will be ok looking them in the eye and saying 'son, you were not important enough for me to tear myself away from the TV so that I could provide a spectacular future for you.' "The sports channel was more important to me and that's why I am now leaving a legacy of struggle and hard work for only a few pennies a day for you." "I love you son. Have a nice life."

Can you possibly mean that?! Of course you don't mean that on a conscious level. But what are your current actions communicating to the world and your children? I realized that I was doing that to my family and I didn't like it. I went on a mission. I made up my mind that my kids would never have to go to work for someone unless they made a conscious decision to do so. It will not be because they feel that they have no other alternative. They will have choices.

Do you have a Firewalk Experience? Have you identified the "WHY" or point of leverage in your life that will force you to change? I hope you find that reason because when you do, you'll make your mark on the world.

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