The Finest Chimney Cleaning And Repair Service in Chicago

By: Joanne D. Getz

For a healthy and comfortable home, you need an efficient chimney that pushes all the products of combustion such as ash, soot and smoke out of the home environment. Secondly, the chimney also provides a good draft that keeps the fire going. In time, however, the inside of the chimney fills up with a tar or creosote deposit and this ultimately degrades the efficiency of the chimney. The air inside your home gets polluted and it is difficult to keep your fire live in the fireplace. This is the time when you will need the Chicago cleaning services. These are the experts in the science of inspecting, cleaning and when required, carrying out the repair to your chimney.

The inspection of your chimney should be done every year or once in two years depending upon its usage. The certified chimney sweep will clean up the chimney if he notices a buildup of creosote that may be a fire hazard beyond a point. Certification of your chimney and having it cleaned regularly will protect your environment and your loved ones. Cleaning of your chimney will be done with brushes and other tools of the trade that are predominantly manual. However, the inspection of your chimney will be done with sophisticated equipment that includes video scanning equipment and a Triple Hepa Filter Vacuum.

While the scanner will carry out a scan of the flue, the vacuum prevents the ingress of dust and allergens in your home. In spite of your best efforts, there will be occasions when you will need the services of the Chicago chimney repair guys. Such services may involve chimney relining. The Chicago chimney repair guys know the technology of applying the latest fireplace lining system called Heat Shield. Several masonry crews specialize in chimney rebuilding and tuck-pointing work besides carrying out firebox repair and tackling cracked or crumbling crowns and spalling bricks.

Besides an efficient chimney a healthy environment at home also needs clean air ducts. According to the American Lung Association, people spend up to 90% of their time indoors. Further, quite often indoor air is more polluted than outdoor air. Maintaining indoor air quality is of paramount importance especially for children, senior citizens and those that suffer from respiratory problems. Chicago air duct cleaning services guys clean the air vents and ducts in your home. They ensure, whenever your furnace or air-conditioner runs, it is not sucking dirty indoor air carrying dust and pet hair among others. Clean air ducts are not only good for your health but also reduce your energy costs.

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