The Fact Behind Sunlight Acne Treatment

By: Virginia Wyatt

Numerous studies have been quoted to prove that the sunlight can be used for treatment of Acne. But how effective is it in reality? Fact remains that the general opinion about effectiveness of daylight for treatment of acne is a long way from reaching a consensus. There are two different camps with one saying that daylight can completely deal with acne, the other claims that if you'd like to dispose of acne, you shouldn't so much as step in the daylight.
Why is daylight being considered a cure to acne? The anti microbial powers of the sun are thought to be its biggest USP as an acne remedy. The sun can destroy plenty of the causative bacteria or organisms which cause acne or other skin problems. However [*COMMA] this is the sole positive outcome of exposing your skin to the sun.
Now you should consider the ‘not so strong’ points of sunlight as a treatment of Acne. You must consider that the exposure to sunlight while destroys the harmful microorganisms, also leaves your skin dry and sunburnt. More than that it can even intensify your acne. When sunlight comes in contact with your skin, it makes the skin produce more oil and consequently more sebum. The result is that instead of getting cleaned, your skin pores become all the more blocked and instead of getting cured, your acne might go completely out of control.
Some good minutes under the hot sun and all of us are sure to sweat. Though sweat gets rid of various poisons from the body, it might not be a nice thing for your acne. Sweat contains various salts, which when put in direct contact with your acne could make things worse. These salts be irritating to your skin and exacerbate our acne further.
There are many other harmful affects associated with long-term exposure to the sun. For starters, it can induce premature indications of skin ageing. It can render your skin saggy, lifeless and dry draining away its natural youthfulness or freshness. Extensive daylight exposure has additionally been associated with more significant conditions such as carcinoma of the skin.
Therefore, given the number of cons associated with sun exposure as opposed to the single pro, it would be best to seek other forms of treatment for your acne. An ideal acne treatment should take care of your condition while causing minimal or absolutely no harm to your skin. Home remedies are a good option in most cases, but may not be as effective as you’d like.
You can consider the use of OTC anti acne products. They are effective enough and do not cause so much skin damage. But you have to be wary about the product that you put to use. If you would like to avoid complications, then ensure that you go in for reputed products such as the Zenmed Derma clean System.
Next time you step out in daylight, be aware of its effect on your acne.

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