The Explanation of Keloid Scars and How to Treat Them

By: Lacy Robinson

We all know cuts, injuries, and surgeries cause a scar, but did you know of the different kinds of scars? For instance, if you are an individual having suffered from a keloid scar before, you know of the severity regarding their outgrowth and cosmetic damage caused by this type of scar. It is a damaging scar that is severe for its size and outgrowth. Let's delve a little deeper into investigating keloid scars by discussing what makes them unique and reviewing what it is to diminish, improve and remove them.

What is the Basic Definition of a Keloid?

The difference between a keloid scar and other types of scars is that it grows beyond the site of the original wound. This scar grows to an irregular shape and it enlarges progressively, raising above the skin. They have a pinkish to purplish dome shaped appearance that is shiny and smooth. Unlike other scars, keloids do not subside over time. This is why many choose to remove them.

How is a Keloid Formed?

Without having the exact definition as to what causes keloid scars, it is believed it involves the body's cellular signals that control skin growth. The biological term of a keloid scar is a fibrotic tumor. Its main properties are atypical fibroblasts that are known to excessively overproduce collagen in addition to elastin and proteoglycans. The studies that have been conducted to prove exactly what causes this atypical fibroblast growth and why it produces to an excessive amount these properties have so far proven fruitless.

What are the Prevention Possibilities?

Naturally you should be happy to read that the best prevention route to avoid contracting keloid scars not get one in the first place. There are subsets of people who do have higher contraction rates than others. Women, highly pigmented people, and those whose family members have a history of the scar are most prone to keloids. A person finding themselves with one or more of these traits would do best to try to avoid elective cosmetic surgeries and ear piercings as all incisions are a possible starting point to the formation of keloids.

What Are the Keloid Scar Removal Options?

The following options are what is available for keloid scar treatment:

- Injecting Cortisone: Cortisone injections are given one time a month for as long as it takes until one's desired outcome is achieved. While these injections are known to flatten out the scar, they initiate blood vessel formations which cause them to have a more pronounced redness.

- The Surgery Option: While this option is a for sure way to get rid of the scar, the cruel truth is that the surgery's fresh wound will most likely cause a new keloid scar to form.

- The Option of Laser Therapy: To lessen the redness of the scar while also diminishing its size, laser therapy has proven an effective treatment plan to successfully achieve these objectives. There are some formidable negatives to this treatment however. The cost of laser therapy runs in the thousands of dollars. It requries multiple sessions and there is a substantial possibility it will not be covered by your health insurance.

- Cryotherapy Treatment: How this works is liquid nitrogen freezes the keloid scar. Once frozen the doctor can take off the scar from your skin. The downside to cryotherapy is the dark skin spot that is left behind in the area where the keloid scar had been.

How About Treating Keloids Using Natural Treatments?

The trick to making organic treatments effective for keloid scars is to find products that use ingredients conducive to promote skin regeneration. One ingredient should be a must for any treatment product used to diminish the appearance and ultimately remove keloid scars. Helix Aspersa Muller is an ingredient that has proven effective for regulating the natural processes of scar formation and the healing of skin. What it does for all natural scar removal creams is change the cell communications to restore healthy skin structures. The aftermath is fresh, healthy looking skin.

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The all organic skin treatment BIOSKINREPAIR uses this special ingredient combined with other all natural ingredients to prevent, improve, and remove scars. The keloid removal properties within the product are promoted by its controlling of cell communication, how it dissolves dysfunctional skin cells and abnormal tissue, and the fact that it restores healthy cells and skin structures.

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