The Evolution Of The Fax Messaging

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Fax messaging technology continues to evolve in the 21st century. Because of the advent of the Internet, a new telecommunication option called Internet fax was developed. Internet fax or online fax allows individuals to send and receive fax messages without the use of a fax machine. This kind of service uses the Internet to perform the tasks done through traditional faxing. But because it uses the Internet, online fax services are more efficient and more effective. In addition, fax messages sent online are faster compared to traditional faxing. These messages can be sent and received anywhere in the world because of the accessibility of the Internet. Online faxing is less costly because it does not require paper, ink, extra phone line, waives the maintenance cost of fax machines. There are however many ways of acquiring Internet faxing services. Some are free, some are not. Some Internet fax servers include conversion of a received fax into e-mail while some incoming fax messages from special numbers are scanned and sent directly to an e-mail address.

Individuals can send or receive faxes on computers simply by installing an Internet fax software into it. After doing this, a fax account will be activated and a fax number will be acquired that will enable individuals to perform online faxing. Some software, however, are sold and Internet usage are charged separately. Several Internet faxing companies offer softwares at low prices. Requirements for administering software are Pentium class PC, any of the Windows version like Window 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP, 2000 and 2003 Server, a fax capable modem, at least 20 MB disk space and 64 MB Ram. A scanner is necessary for consumers who wish to scan paper documents and notes.

Another way of acquiring Internet faxing technology is achieved by signing-up to websites that offer Internet faxing services. By signing-up, these servers provide special fax numbers and control panel abilities which allow consumers check incoming and outgoing messages. These messages are confidential and will be accessed by specific recipients and, in the process, ensure confidentiality of information. Many companies offer Internet faxing services at very minimal rates. In general, Internet fax service providers offer services between US$ 10-20 per month.

Because Internet fax servers deliver messages electronically and not on paper, these messages just like any other Portable Document Format (PDF) file, can be stored on a computer. Internet fax services enable fax messages to be retrieved anywhere with a click of a mouse. In addition, a major advantage of Internet fax is subscribers does not need to be familiar with fax machines. With familiarity of e-mail use, subscribers can easily send and receive messages online. Another advantage of using Internet faxing is that users can send and receive many fax messages simultaneously or send a number of fax messages instantly. Internet fax services vary from one company to another, including the charges and the validity of their deals. In choosing the best online fax service available, it very essential to consider one's concern before signing-up. It is important to study the services that these companies can provide and whether these services will work for you and your needs.

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