The Ecommerce Website Redesign Checklist

By: Josh Goodman

There comes a time in your ecommerce web business where your sales start stagnating and it may be time for an ecommerce website redesign. This is necessary for a few reasons; the most important one being that what worked even a few months ago may not be working well any longer. The Los Angeles web design experts ATAK Interactive offer some pointers on how to improve your online business with effective ecommerce website design and how you can revamp your site to stay ahead of your competitors.

1. Review your SEO strategy. Make sure that your ecommerce website has effective keyword combinations that are producing high rankings in organic searches. If you have a paid search campaign, be sure that your money is going only toward qualified searches. Also check that your product descriptions are focused and keyword rich, and that any images or videos on your site have descriptive keywords that appear in the respective sections of the major search engines.

2. Take time for analysis. Before you dedicate your time and money to redesigning your ecommerce website, use an analytical program like Google Analytics or Yahoo! Web Analytics (or a number of other programs that can be found on the web) to take a look at the way customers use your site. For example, customers leaving your website at the checkout page may be discouraged by shipping prices or a high volume of exiting on another page may indicate poor navigation. Any recurring trends can pinpoint a problem area that you need to address.

3. Add dynamic titles. Basically, having dynamic titles means that the individual pages of a website have an automatically generated title based on the content listed on that particular page. For example, say your business is landscaping supplies and you have one page dedicated to gardening-type tools and another page dedicated to lawn mowers. The page with gardening tools may have a title that is something like "Landscaping supplies, pruning shears, rakes, cultivators, shovels", while your lawn mower page would look something more like "Landscaping supplies, lawn mowers, blades, wheels, spark plugs, grass bags", etc.

4. Provide payment options. Aside from the standard payment gateway that accepts all major credit cards, consider adding PayPal and Google Checkout as payment options. It wonít cost you anything to add these options to your ecommerce website, and the fee per transaction is only slightly higher than that of a typical payment gateway. This way all customers can feel comfortable making a purchase from your ecommerce website.

5. Invest in responsive web design with a website design company. With the emergence of new technology that has changed the way consumers shop online, it is imperative that websites are developed in a manner that can be easy to view and interactive on a computer, a smartphone or a tablet. Responsive web design basically means that your website can be viewed on multiple devices with the same functionality and features on each. If your website is too complex to be easily viewed on a smartphone, create a mobile site that condenses the information. It may not be as visually appealing, but your customers will still be able to make a purchase. A website design company will be able to tailor your site to all devices.

6. Consider current ecommerce trends. Not all trends will work well for every business, but staying on the edge of new ecommerce developments and thinking critically about how they can help your business will keep it fresh and relevant. You could take the daily deal or timed sale trend and use it to encourage more shopping by deeply discounting one item while having a free shipping minimum, incentivizing the consumer to buy more to save on shipping.

As ecommerce websites become increasingly competitive, it is important to be consistently reviewing your site with a critical eye and making changes when certain strategies donít show results over time. Putting some thought into your website design, Los Angeles-based ATAK Interactive can help you identify areas of your website that need improvement and show you how to achieve better results with more qualified visibility and improved sell-through.

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The author of the article, Josh Goodman, a Los Angeles Web design expert writes about how it becomes important to modify and change the traditional approach of Web Ecommerce Development to reap maximum benefits.

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