The Dividing Line Between Team Building Ideas And Activities Are Very Thin

By: carlarossouw

A company without a team is like a fish without water, in another word it works as a pillar of the company. A company or organization without a team is simply unthinkable. Team building is not an easy job. This is the reason why companies irrespective of the fact whether they are big or small, use team building activities. There are different types of team building activities, which can help the organization achieve its goal. The challenge is how to make the activities both challenging as well as fun. Try to start the process by communication activities because it goes without saying the communication is the key. It is almost impossible to achieve the goals without a proper communication.

This particular activity should be a complete fun because the basic motive behind this exercise is to break the ice among the team members. Ask some personal as well as general questions, which will give you an idea about their thought process and whether they are fit to work in a team or not. It is human nature to behave differently in social gathering and differently in informal gathering, hence try to make the whole process as informal as possible. Follow communication activities by problem solving exercises. This exercise will help them to understand the importance of team work and how as a team they can achieve anything.

Design the activities in such a way that it should help the team members to realize the importance of communication, problem solving and the importance of mutual trust. Team building activities and team building ideas are inter-related; in fact they are two sides of the same coin. The importance of idea is well known. The basic philosophy behind team building ideas is to improve and build a meaningful relationship, which can withstand the test of time, among the team members. Basically it is all about bonding, sense of belongingness and to know how to avoid setting a personal goal as a team member.

Have you ever wondered why during a national crisis the whole country comes together to fight it out? The answer is simple, sense of belongingness unites them. The same way cultivate the sense of belongingness culture in your organization and see the result. The point is before starting any activity; it makes sense to think about the different ideas which can help you in team building. The dividing line between team building ideas and activities are very thin. Team building activities are all about executing the ideas. In another word the difference is the same which we find in event planner and events coordinator.

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