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By: Eric Allen

There is a fresh face in the MLM arena that is causing heads to turn, the competition to take notice, and many to jump aboard! At the very least, it has everyone's attention - some in excitement and others in sheer agony. The company is called and it is a completely web-based, global product and opportunity that is bringing together the top speakers, authors, trainers, consultants, and other experts into one premiere online learning community. These are not just any run of the mill business coaches or second-tier speaker or author either! Brian Tracy, one of the top luminaries in the 100 BILLION dollar personal development industry hails as iLearningGlobal's co-founder and Chief Learning Officer. With a name like Brian Tracy, other top name authors, speakers, trainers, and consultants were attracted to the global exposure that iLearningGlobal could bring them as well: top luminaries such as Bill Bartmann, Tony Alessandra, Stephen Covey, Jim Cathcart, Patricia Fripp, just to name a few of the now more than 200 distinguished faculty members on board as contributors to the life-altering content available to anyone with just the click of a finger! This momentum has created a snowball effect whereby other distinguished faculty members did not want to miss out on the global exposure and branding that comes with being in company with such highly credible professionals from many different fields of expertise.

What is it that sets iLearningGlobal apart from the vast sea of saturation that plagues the MLM industry? As Brian Tracy points out, " is the best business opportunity that I have seen in a lifetime!" Since iLearningGlobal is an information and life-altering product and opportunity, it appeals to a wide range of like-minded, success-oriented individuals from all over the globe - both new networkers and seasoned MLM professionals are attracted to the unique positioning and opportunity this young company affords. Many MLM competitors are being forced to take notice, as iLearningGlobal's true global appeal to high quality people from all over the world is creating exponential growth already in just its embryonic stages.

There is undoubtedly a legitimate Global Entrepreneurial Movement occurring right now, whereby high caliber, genuine individuals from diverse backgrounds are coming to the vast realization that big government, big industry, and big financial institutions are not the short or long term answer to life empowerment. They are looking for a way to make matters into their own hands via the MLM industry in securing their families' financial livelihood. With the countless MLMs available to choose from - many of which fall into the sector of pills, potions, lotions, juices, creams, etc. it can be frustrating to distinguish between what is legitimate and what is a fly-by-night money making scheme. iLearningGlobal is proving to be a breath of fresh air, as it provides an enhanced sense of credibility since it truly allows for its marketers to be IN business with the best of the best. It is important to note that none of the faculty members are paid any upfront money to be on the faculty of iLearningGlobal and that most, from Brian Tracy on down the line, are out actively building iLearningGlobal businesses just like the rest of the field.

iLearningGlobal is being referred to many as a true "Blue Ocean" of opportunity because there really is no competition or saturation point in sight. Its state of the art high definition video technology - as many BILLION dollar companies have been created during such an important technological shift - first attracted Brian Tracy and other top experts, as they have always known that the future of the personal development industry would move to the Internet. Truly, iLearningGlobal's timing is perfect as it has been able to attain the vested interest and promotion from already over 200 top speakers, authors, trainers, consultants, and other experts from all across the globe - and is growing each and every week! It is quite phenomenal what this young company has been able to achieve in such a short amount of time. The "scarey" truth is that it is just now at the end of the beginning as it continues to attract like-minded, success-oriented individuals from all backgrounds and from all corners of the Earth! Watch out world of success-driven individuals! Every so often a product and opportunity taps us on the shoulder, and we have a decision to answer the calling to a better life. With iLearningGlobal, there truly appears to be everything to gain and nothing to lose. As Brian Tracy likes to say, "the worst thing that might happen is that you might learn something!"

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This article was written by former school teacher and basketball coach - and now Founding Member of iLearningGlobal, Eric Allen. Eric now makes more in one month with the iLearningGlobal Phenomenon going on right now than he used to make in over a year of teaching and coaching. You can find out more about Eric and his friend and mentor, Brian Tracy, and iLearningGlobal by clicking on

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