The Different Types of Massages

By: Rico Respad

In our modern way of life, rushing is pretty much a standard. This, of course, leads to stress and body abuse. One way to combat this course of events is to schedule a massage to give both your mind and body a break.

Massage is one of those words that most people picture as meaning one thing. In this case, a vaguely oriental treatment where someone pounds on your body. In truth, there are many types. Let's consider the more common ones and how they differ.

The number on massage in America is the Swedish. Ask for a general massage, and this is what you get. It is a relaxing massage made up of smooth strokes and circular motions. Soft music is often played. Good for temporary relief for a day or two.

Not all massages are meant to be relaxing. Sometimes, the focus is not on how you feel during the massage, so much as it is on how you feel afterwards. In this case, we are talking about the famous deep tissue massage. Perhaps I should say infamous.

As the name suggests, the deep tissue massage is a more thorough treatment. The goal is to get at the underlying tensions and knots founds in your muscles. This requires slow strokes with lots of pressure. You will grimace. You will complain. You will feel better.

Next up we have the massage from Thailand. This can be a confusing massage the first time. It is done on a padded floor and involves the twisting and stretching of your body. It is designed to align energy points. When done properly, results are tremendous.

The Thai massage is one of the best in the world. The problem, unfortunately, is it is hard to find excellent therapists. You might think you have a good Thai massage therapist, but a trip to Thailand will correct that thinking. In fact, I recommend such a trip.

The Japanese bring us the Shiatsu massage, which is similar to the Thai version and popular. The goal again is to align the energy centers, known as meridians, on the body. This is not done with twisting, but with the use of finger pressure on those spots.

The hot stone massage is becoming more popular by the day it seems. This is a light massage that uses heat to unlock muscle intersections. Stones are heated and then placed on points of muscle tension. The tension then melts away. A very superficial massage.

A pregnant woman suffers from aches and pains like no other. If you are pregnant, there is a relatively new massage specialty designed to help you. The pregnancy massage is designed to relieve pain as well as swelling and nausea.

At the end of the day, it is pretty hard to go wrong with any particular massage. In one form or another, all massages are designed to give your body a much needed tune up. They certainly achieve such results.

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